Cover Wars: Pinball Wizard Edition

The Disco Biscuits: Oh The Disco Biscuits…Before Allen Aucoin joined the band in 2005, the Disco Biscuits had relatively few covers in the rotation. If they were playing somebody else’s tune, it was likely Run Like Hell or Pygmy Twylyte. I don’t know if it was Aucoin’s influence, some co-bills of Umphrey’s McGee wearing off on them or another reason but the Biscuits have been playing a lot more covers these days. Since the vocals aren’t often their strongest suit, I’ve been sure to include a version with a nice long outro jam. Sure it doesn’t have much to do with Pinball Wizard, but I thought I’d break up the playlist with a little improvisation. Check out the whole show on The Archive

Mr. Blotto: Mr. Blotto is gunning for it’s second Cover Wars honors and yeah, we’re going to allow lots of medleys and segues in this edition…what starts as Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues quickly merges with Pinball Wizard here, it’s pretty cool. Check out the whole show on The Archive

Ominous Seapods: Well you know, none of these bands never really retire…The Ominous Seapods MySpace page says they are playing a 90-minute set at LobsterPalooza in Albany on June 7, so put that on your calendar if you want a trip down jam band memory lane. Check out the whole show on The Archive

Pat McGee Band: Like tDB and the Seapods, Pat McGee Band is also making their Cover Wars debut this week. They have taken some liberties with the arrangement which is always nice. Unless you’re going to really nail a cover, I think it’s a good idea to put your own spin on it in any way possible. Check out the whole show on The Archive

Tenacious D – Tenacious D is back for another round, this time with a Tommy Medley, which I’m going to allow since there is enough of Pinball Wizard in there, for me anyway. Jack Black juxtaposes some solo acoustic guitar with some over-the-top rock band antics. Check out the whole show on The Archive

A little video of the original before we vote:


Who will win it this week? A retired jamband? The more mainstream rock band? A rock/comedy duo? The Trancefusion band? It’s all in your hands!

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  1. I’m not familiar with the Pat McGee Band but they do a damn good Pinball Wizard. Great piece, thanks!

  2. The answer is easy: None Of The Above! Because the best cover belongs to Elton John, who also added a new bridge and had a different arrangement. One of the bright spots from the rather weak movie, Tommy.

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