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Earlier today, the Grateful Dead announced that they are holding a press conference on Thursday afternoon at 2PM EDT. They didn’t mention what they will be talking about at the press conference, so we thought we’d ask our readers if they had any inside info or guesses at to what the band will be announcing.


One thing of interest is that the announcement clearly refers to the “Grateful Dead.” Not Phil and Friends, not the Other Ones and not The Dead. Now we can’t imagine that the band would trot out the Grateful Dead name to announce a reunion, so perhaps Rhino finally convinced the band to sell subscriptions to the vault. We will all find out by watching the simulcast of the press conference over at iClips on Thursday, but let us know your guess by leaving a comment below…

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  1. Bobby has been keeping Jerry in his basement for the past thirteen years. Phil found out. Bobby promised he would never sing Loser again. Phil thought about it, but ultimately decided that it was best for Bobby to come clean. In the ultimate irony, Jerry was more comfortable chillin’ in Weir’s basement that performing with the GD in the mid-90’s. This will all be announced on Thursday.

  2. The Grateful Dead will announce a month long residency at Boreal Ridge; in which they will do a “jazz odyssey” performance of “Day Job” that will last all 31 days.
    They will only break for Phil to do his “Organ Donation” shpiel.

  3. They’re going to shave Bob’s beard off so he can stop confusing the newbs into thinking that he’s Jerry. It’s either that or Bobby’s going to announce his new line of short, shorts for the summer season.

  4. Jack Johnson is going to change is name to Jack Garcia pretend hes Jerrys long lost son and fill in the spot the dead have been missing.. lol had to say it

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