Bust Outs: It’s Time For Bluegrass

Cornmeal – 3/18/2006 – Whipping Post

How full of shit would you say I am if I tried to claim that that this Cornmeal version of Whipping Post is just as mean as the original? Well, it is. Honesty, who the hell knew Cornmeal had chops like this? I knew they were good, but this sounds like somebody made a deal with the devil, because this shit is fast.

Hot Buttered Rum String Band, 2/1/2008 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO – Loose Lucy, Naïve Melody (This Must Be The Place) & 3.2

Next up, we have a few highlights from Hot Buttered Rum’s bust out-laden Boulder show on February 1, 2008. The most notable B.O. (Jackson) of the night was the crafty Loose Lucy. Once they settle in to the jam section, listen to how much space they give one another considering there are five string instruments on the stage. Also, notice the arsenal of creative variations on the bass line Bryan Horne incorporates to keep the song fresh for over eight minutes. HBR also takes a crack at the Talking Heads catchy hit, Naïve Melody (This Must Be the Place), but it falls a bit short. Still, it’s always a welcome treat to catch a Talking Heads bust out.

Finally, take a gander at this festive Boulder shout out as Anders Beck from Greensky Bluegrass – an up-and-coming Bell’s Beer fed Kalamazoo, MI band – joins HBR on Dobro for a hot 3.2. That comedic lyrical genius on 3.2 never does tire.


Mr. Blotto, 7/28/2007, Vasa Park, Elgin, IL – Famous Mockingbird

I mentioned Mr. Blotto’s one of a kind bluegrass take on the Gamehenge gem, Famous Mockingbird, in the first post I ever wrote on Hidden Track. But we had not yet discovered the ways of the imeem. Since Blotto’s Blottopia 8 bust out of the entire Gamehenge story -complete with original narration and an original ending song – does not get quite enough attention (you awake this year Jammy’s?), I figured I’d mention it again. Those Gamehenge hillbillies from the valley below are having a lot of fun on this particular song.

Emmitt Nershi Band – 11/7/2007 – This House

This one is less of a bust out, but rather one that’s been in the Emmitt Nershi rotation pretty regularly as of late. Nevertheless, this is the best tune from the Drew Emmitt/Del McCoury collaboratiion on Drew’s 2005 album, Across the Bridge. Coming in just behind “rivers,” and “highways,” bluegrass tunes about “home” are some of the best kind.

Grisman, Hartford and Seeger, from Retrograss – Airmail Special

Finally, we have one last gem from the HT vault for ya. This one actually isn’t even live, but the album itself is one big bust out. Grisman and the gang time warp their sound back about 100 years to a time when bluegrass music was about working the rails and shootin’ people with Colt 45s. Retrograss flies a little under the radar, but this collection of folksy varietals on bluegrass standards and covers of well-known classics by Dylan, Elvis, Beatles, and more is perhaps Grisman’s crowning achievement. And you already know most of the words, so when the urge to sing comes, you can.

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