Wade’s World: All Things Phil


1. Duke’s Intro (Live In Rome)
2. Turn It On Again (Live In Rome)
3. Hello, Good Evening And Welcome (Live In Rome)
4. No Son Of Mine (Live In Rome)
5. Land Of Confusion (Live In Rome)
6. Any Old Fans Here Tonight (Live In Rome)
7. Cage Medley (Live In Rome)
8. Hold On My Heart (Live In Rome)
9. A Scary Story (Live In Rome)
10. Home By The Sea (Live In Rome)
11. Follow You Follow Me/Firth Of Fifth (Excerpt)/ I Know What I Like (Live In Rome)
12. How Does Duke’s End End?
13. We’re Gonna Take It Up A Little Bit
14. Plugged In. Turned On. On The Edge
15. Minimal Confusion
16. Tony Changed His Mind
17. We Need More Lights
18. Counting The Bars To ‘Heart’
19. Working On Home
20. Mike Wants Phil’s ‘Feel’ On Drums
21. From ‘G’ To ‘G’ On ‘Firth
22. Time To Dance
23. Tour Programme (Gallery 19 Pictures)
24. Mama (Live In Rome)
25. Let Us Take You Away From All That (Live In Rome)
26. Ripples (Live In Rome)
27. Throwing It All Away (Live In Rome)
28. The Domino Principle In Action (Live In Rome)
29. Domino (Live In Rome)
30. Conversations With 2 Stools (Live In Rome)
31. Los Endos (Live In Rome)
32. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Excerpt)/Invisible Touch (Live In Rome)
33. I Can’t Dance (Live In Rome)
34. Thank You And Good Night (Live In Rome)
35. Carpet Crawlers (Live In Rome)
36. Bring The Pitch Down Like Elton
37. ‘Acoustic’ Ripples
38. ‘Throwing It All’ Down
39. Tony Talks About His Inspiration
40. The Drum Duet
41. Not A Period Piece
42. Invisible Key
43. Phil, Tony & Mike, And Phil & Mike?
44. Singing Along
45. Photo Gallery (21 Pictures)
46. Deleted Scenes (Did You Do Your Homework?)

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One Response

  1. as a drummer, i totally respect Phil Collins.

    however, i am calling ‘foul’ on this HT Title.

    The only way Glide’s crowd would potentially click a tour entry about Phil COLLINS is misleading them w/

    “All Things Phil”……eghh-hemmm.

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