Picture Show: TLG @ The Highline Ballroom

4/18 Setlist [AUD]

Set I: Dont Curse> Bootlegger, One Reason, Devil’s Pay, Rattlin’, Panspermic De-Evolution!, Make a Connection, Las Vegas, Ophelia*

Set II: Georgie P, Country Seduction, Criminal Intent*, Faced with Love, Ride Together, I’ve Been Seeking, Kali-Yuga, Freedom, GIII
Encore: Deep River> Tequila

*Aaron Redner on fiddle

Hot Buttered Rum String Band opened

4/19 Setlist [AUD, SBD]

Set 1: Red Ribbons, Let Us Go, Garden 1, Garden 2, Taught To Be Proud, My Bastard Brother, Wet Spot, I’ve Got a Truck (with Barry Sless and Pete Sears), Green Eyed Lady

Set 2: Reservoir, Lil Hood, Invasion, Can’t Get High, Bouncin Betty, Zoom Zoom, Jubilee, Carter Hotel, If It Wasn’t For the Money
Encore: Josh Solo, Hot Dog, Morning Sun

Currently, Tea Leaf Green is touring in support of Seeds, a 3 CD collection of the band’s first three self-released studio albums (Tea Leaf Green, Midnight on the Reservoir, and Living In Between) available everywhere on Surfdog Records.

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3 Responses

  1. A good read but I would disagree. the spark was there, but it was just a different spark. Reed and Steve are two different bassists that bring different qualities to the band, and that can get the original 3 to tap into different elements of the their musical ability.

    Plus we got a Carter Hotel, and that means everything.

  2. I do wish i could have seen the Saturday show as well, ( unfortunately my mother’s brisket called) and perhaps I would have thought differently, but I thought back to those great Blender and Irving Plaza shows and thought something was missing.
    Steve is quite talented and was interacting and having fun with the band, but I just really want Tea Leaf to have a full time bass player, I think they’re too good not to.

  3. Great photos, jg, thanks for sharing them!

    You do know it was not Reed that played with them at the Blender shows, right? Those gigs were still with Ben C, TLG’s original bassist.

    I have not heard TLSteve live so I cannot agree or disagree with your reaction to him – but I am absolutely with you when you sing TLReed’s praises!

    — CA

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