New Trey Album: Original Boardwalk Style

Original Boardwalk Style, a live album from Trey Anastasio and the Undectet, will be released on June 10th on Trey’s own Rubber Jungle Records. Proceeds from the sale of the album will benefit the Seven Below Arts Initiative, established by Trey in 2006 to foster artistic development and support arts education in the state of Vermont.

The album was recorded at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ on December 30th and 31st of 2006, coming at the end of the band’s holiday tour. The two shows marked the culmination of a long year of touring and growth as what began as a six-piece sextet in the beginning of the year had progressed into a full-force eleven member Undectet.

The raw energy of a well-oiled band at the top of its game permeated the set as the composer/vocalist/guitarist led The Undectet – comprised of Tony Hall (bass, vocals), Ray Paczkowski (keyboards), Jeff Sipe (drums), Christina Durfee (vocals, synthesizer), Jennifer Hartswick (vocals, trumpet), Peter Apfelbaum (saxophone, flute), Russell Remington (saxophone, flute), Jeff Cressman (trombone), Dave Grippo (saxophone) and Cyro Baptista (percussion) – through electrifying big band arrangements of his classic songs, replete with big horns and dazzling Brazilian percussive stylings.

Original Boardwalk Style features over 75 minutes of music, remixed from the multitrack masters by Trey and Ben Collette at Rubber Jungle Studios and mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering. In addition to CD and digital download formats, the album will be available as a double-gatefold, audiophile grade 180-gram LP Vinyl pressing.

The album is now available for pre-order as CD and Vinyl Trey’s online store as well as digital audio downloads (in both MP3 and FLAC formats) at All pre-orders will automatically be entered to win a professionally printed photo – signed by Trey and esteemed photographer Jeff Kravitz – of the band on stage at the House of Blues. Color corrected by Jennifer Brown, it will be framed in barn board crafted by Lars Fisk, a creative contributor to The Barn’s Artist-in-Residence program. Ten runners-up will receive autographed copies of the vinyl.


1. Drifting
2. Plasma
3. Shine
4. Alive Again
5. Mud City
6. Simple Twist Up Dave
7. Tuesday
8. Money, Love and Change
9. Mr. Completely

Exclusive Digital Bonus Track

10. First Tube

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21 Responses

  1. Dude, how many times can you release this batch of songs? They are cool and all…actually some of my fave stuff he’s done, but Jesus, it’s 2008 and we’re getting a new release with “Alive Again” on it?

    2001 called, they want TAB back

  2. Good call Fina5… seriously. 2001-2002 TAB was when it was at it’s best… . Sorry Trey, you gotta scrap all this old stuff and bring out something NEW

  3. I think this is Trey’s way of saying he’s running low on bills but can’t tour with an ankle bracelet…

  4. I met Trey in the UWS on Saturday morning. It was really cool to meet him. He did not mention the new record. If he did, I would have asked him to reconsider.

  5. I’m happy to see that this album is coming out finally. But where’s disc 2?

    We need to hear that 46 Days>Circles>Way I Feel among others.

  6. Oh my god.. please just get back together with the other guys and bring back the best rock band of all time… I miss you Phish 🙁

  7. “I think this is Trey’s way of saying he’s running low on bills but can’t tour with an ankle bracelet…”

    If that were the case, I highly doubt the proceeds would all go to charity – I don’t see Trey in residence at the barn this summer working on his next art project. (though, it wouldn’t kill him to get back into the barn and record some new stuff!)

  8. “Dude, how many times can you release this batch of songs?”

    Phish has released tons of the same songs on their live releases. What the Problem is?

  9. If proceeds didn’t go to charity, this album would be a complete waste. The whole Phish camp is really wringing the vault, and it’s gotten monotonous. They need to put the live show releases to rest and actually release something of substance, something fresh, for once. Because I am a completist (read: sucker), I will no doubt buy this, but I doubt very much that I will ever listen to it.

    I don’t care if Phish ever gets back together or not, but there needs to be some fresh music released soon. Either new music, or studio outtakes, or jams, or something. I’m bored of all this….

  10. Regardless of the age of the songs, they are still fucking awesome songs and this was a great TAB show…It was the end of his tour and he pour a lot of soul into this show, which i’m sure you can hear comparing it to other versions of his songs…

    and on another note….
    I got pulled over by a state cop for swerving in through the lanes coming home after it but the cop was cool and let us go hahaha good times.

  11. In that Kuroda interview (link found on side of PT), CK5 mentions that he’s doing 7 months with The Black Crowes, but Trey called him, and needs him for an upcoming “project”, and Kuroda said he was on for it….. so I’m taking it as, as soon as TBC is done with their tour, we should be expecting a string of Trey shows…. kind of exciting news…

  12. anyone else hear Page say that Trey vowed after one year of sobriety, h would bring Phish back…I now feel dumb for standing in rain at Coventry thinking that three of the four were really “done”. I should have seen that Trey had become a wastoid when he couldn’t even manage the intro to Stash and when he told the same story about living in the cabin with Marley twice. Just get the band back together already, weed out the haters and play for those of us who know the magic is still there (without lot rats and smack dealers).

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