Briefly: That’s It For The Jammys

As I was walking out of the Theatre at MSG last night I mentioned to a friend that the Jammys kinda blew their load by giving Phish the Lifetime Achievement Award. I mean, it just won’t be the same kind of firestarter when Widespread receives their award. Well apparently that wasn’t a big concern for the promoters, as they don’t expect to continue the awards show:

Not only was it the highlight, it was also the peak for the seventh annual Jammys, which celebrates the best in improvisational music. In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, the show’s executive producer and co-founder, Peter Shapiro, announced it would mark the last Jammy Awards as the event morphs into a larger celebration of live music.

“We’ve kind of accomplished what we set out to do. In a good jam you kind of have to take chances and go in new directions,” he told the AP. “That’s why we, on this high … are going to take this momentum in a new direction.”

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  1. Yes, and as you can see we flood each post with numerous mentions of our hetty-OARverlords. Or not.

  2. The Jammys has always been a self-serving event for and Relix magazine. Here’s one longtime music lover who won’t miss it.

  3. Does “it would mark the last Jammy Awards as the event morphs into a larger celebration of live music” translate to “Live Nation is buying this thing, so get ready for a celebration of Nickelback’s 10 greatest shows from Des Moines and Mariah Carey’s most coherent concert of 2008”?

  4. haha^ Chilly.

    livenation are money-grubbing yupsters.

    fillmores will be over our great land thanx to livenation.

    pssst – that’s not a good thing folks.

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