The B List: A Final Dose of Stage Setlists

2. Tortoise – 07/08/2007:

[via JWelsh]

3. Spoon – 10/10/2007:

[via brodymccoy]

4. Pearl Jam – Honolulu 2006:

[via SarahCanada]

5. Motley Crue – Weedsport 1990:

I’m not quite sure where I picked up this image from, but if this is your setlist and you’d like credit just leave me a comment below.

6. Feist – 06/26/2007:

[via Elastic Resonance]

7. Crowded House – 09/10/2007:

[via Nikolaj]

8. Aerosmith – 06/06/1994:

[via Mike Mangini]

9. The Police – 05/28/2007:

[via Dervish]

10. Black Crowes – 07/03/1999:

[via QFG]

Here’s links to ten more stage setlists:

And that concludes our special B List series on stage setlists. Thanks for playing along, and a special note of gratitude to those who contributed setlists.

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