Sneak Preview: Original Boardwalk Style

We’ve got less than a month to go before the release of Trey Anastasio’s Original Boardwalk Style on June 10, but you don’t need to wait for a taste of the album. Feast your ears on this dark and dirty Plasma from Original Boardwalk Style:

You just gotta love the part of the jam that sounds like Sly’s Thank You (Fallentime Be Mice Elf Again) meets the Fat Man Jam for a fist fight in a dark alley, complete with the trippy bubbling effect that surfaced in 2006 Plasmas. Plus, the mix on the track sounds fan-fucking-tastic. Now I’m starting to get excited.


The album is now available for pre-order as CD and Vinyl at Trey’s online store as well as digital audio downloads (in both MP3 and FLAC formats) at All pre-orders will automatically be entered to win a professionally printed photo – signed by Trey and esteemed photographer Jeff Kravitz – of the band on stage at the House of Blues. Color corrected by Jennifer Brown, it will be framed in barn board crafted by Lars Fisk, a creative contributor to The Barn’s Artist-in-Residence program. Ten runners-up will receive autographed copies of the vinyl.

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  1. Yeah I was definitely psyched to get this track in our inbox as well; it’s a bit slower than many of the versions I’ve heard before, and I think it really lends itself well to the jam that builds following the main song. It’s slow building but never really boring. I think I’m a bit excited, too.

  2. Nice ! Thanks Scotty Biiizzzzzzzz.

    Looking forward to relistening to these last 2 stellar TAB shows down in Sin City lite.

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  4. I have to admit that I listened to very little Trey after leaving the 70 Volt Parade Tower show early – this is good. The last three minutes are acutally great. Will def pick this up now.

    Hope Trey does something exciting soon. Solo acoustic could be very cool – a 4 piece would be even better – even better with 3 old friends.

  5. i am no longer able to understand any music review on hidden track without the help of a chart or graph. could you please make a pie chart and Fallentime Be Mice Elf Again.

  6. Pie chart?? NOOB!! Everyone knows that “Thank You” would require a bar graph or Venn diagram at the very least.

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