Tour Dates: Perfect From Now On

As we mentioned earlier this week, the hot trend over the last few years among indie-rock acts has been performing a classic album from their catalog live. Most of these have been one-off performances at the a festival. Well, original indie-rockers Built To Spill are looking to change that trend when they hit the road as they plan on indulging the audience with a full-on performance of their 1997 release Perfect From The Now On – with an encore filled with career spanning material.


If you prefer to just listen to full albums on your iPod instead, then maybe one of these recently announced tours will be for you…

Finally, late last year a mysterious band calling themselves the Foxboro Hot Tubs dropped a free EP online named Stop Drop And Roll!!! Rumors swirled that the guys behind the ’60s garage-rock sounding band were none other then the punker-rockers Green Day. Well Billie Joe Armstrong and the boys are in the midst of a quickie intimate club tour with the act. Tickets for each show will only run your 20 bucks in cash and are available day of show with a two ticket limit.

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