Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Weezer Goes Viral

While we’d probably like to forget we ever wasted what’s most likely added up to days watching stuff like the Numa Numa guy or the Leave Britney Alone dude (we still love leave Kang alone though) – the guys in Weezer seem to have a difference in a opinion on the topic.

For their first single off their third self-titled album – that sounds like a line right out of Spinal Tap – Rivers Cuomo and company have rounded up all your favorite viral video stars to help them out on Pork & Beans, check it out…


Leave it to Weezer to poke fun at viral videos, while making one of their own. The band’s Red Album will hit stores next Tuesday and as an added bonus today on HT we’re going to throw in their cover of The Band’s classic The Weight – which can only be found on the import version of the album – at no additional cost for your listening pleasure…

I was a bit frightened when I first heard about this, but got to say they pull it off.

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  1. Yeah they definitely have a knack for getting music videos right. I think Rivers and Jason Giambi have been hanging out together with those staches.

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