Picture Show: The New Deal @ Bowery

After a quick set break the band transitioned into the trance before breaking out with a Shields keyboard solo, G-Nome, Darren’s beatboxing and finally an encore of Technobeam to close out the night. Watching them you get the sense that they really enjoy playing music with friends and family. Whether it’s Dan and his wife in Dragonette, or Jamie, Darren, and their assorted friends in The Join or The Omega Moos (who will play a Rocks Off Concert Cruise on July 27) their enthusiasm is contagious and keeps the fans coming back for more.

The New Deal heads out to Colorado for two gigs this weekend, and returns to the New York area for their annual spot at Camp Bisco.

Let’s check out some more photos, starting with a few of the opening act: Awesome New Republic…

the New Deal:

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  1. Great show, great improv, great energy. It was very interesting to not only see a NO2 line out on the NYC streets but Headcount set up right next to the ballonists! Hahaha

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