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Just when I thought it was safe to leave my computer I get a call that made me want to run home with a case of blogarrhea. Future Phish vocalist Trey Anastasio has been added to the lineup of the third day of the All Points West festival in Jersey City on August 10. Now, unlike his Rothbury and Newport appearances, he’ll be ripping shit up on his ‘doc. Big Red will be joined by old co-horts Russ Lawton, Tony Markellis and Ray Paczkowski. Claaaasic!

This news comes on a day where Tom Marshall revealed that he’s been holed up in Saratoga Springs recording songs with Anastasio for a while. It’s clear Trey is looking back at what worked for him, as he prepares to move forward.

Does today feel like Christmas to anyone else? I can’t help but think of Big Red’s magical first solo tour in 1999, when he toured with just Markellis and Lawton. That was an incredible lineup that delivered blistering performances night after night. Certainly the addition of Paczkowski can only make things better. For now we’ve got to wait until August to see this band, unless of course Trey keeps on adding additional dates. I just don’t know what to expect at this point, and I like it!

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  1. Those ’99 shows were incredible. Caught that tour in Albany and the balcony at the Palace Theater was bouncing up and down during the electric set. Love the addition of Ray to the classic trio.

  2. I was just so f’ing pumped Russ is back after that Skeeto fiasco that I had to say it twice. Can’t wait for what should be one helluva Sunday in god’s country.

  3. This is a great lineup for trey to play with for many reasons right now

    I cant beleive we get the old school Trey trio Ray!


  4. 1999 was killer, trey was having fun AND was incredible every night, i saw him once and got every other recording, cause even though the show was mostly the same every night it was worth hearing each one

  5. I’d be down, but will have been in Dirty Jerz the prev. weekend from Beantown. Probably will be a TOTAL SH!TSHOW too, peoplewise. Unless they do a VERY good job of crowd control.

  6. This is indeed exciting news, but why did you include a picture of my creepy high school English teacher along with the post?

  7. I remember that tour opener in Ann Arbor like it was yesterday. I was “in college” at the time, so we thought it was the biggest thing ever to happen. The second set kicking off with Ooh Child was so fun. I hope that’s still in the rotation.

  8. That Ann Arbor show is the one show I always go back to when I want to hear solo Trey, love how fresh it still sounds.

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