Briefly: The Lee Boys and Guests @ Sullivan Hall

Just a note that I’ll be heading to Sullivan Hall this evening to check out the sacred steel stylings of the Lee Boys. Ace and I caught them at Langerado in 2007, and they were really impressive. Tonight, they’ll be joined by special guest Marco Benevento. There’s also a shitload of rumors about other special guests, but just take our word for it and head to the venue formerly known as the Lion’s Den.

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  1. You know, if you kept that one to yourself then we would both probably have a much easier time getting a drink tonight

  2. Fun times – amazing 2nd set, love the LEE/Warrne/Marco/Kras combo, loved it more cause 70 people turned out! Feet/head hurt.

    Scott – I didn’t have trouble getting a drink after all, or 10 for that matter. I guess an apology is in order, shots are on me.

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