Breaking News: Trey Joins RR @ Jones Beach

We’ve got a couple of reports that Trey Anastasio joined Robert Randolph and the Family Band this evening at Jones Beach, where they were opening for Eric Clapton. That’s all we know for now, so let’s enjoy this video of Randolph sitting in with the Voltzz for Stone Free at Vegoose ’06:


Jambands/Relix’s Mike Greenhaus reports that T-bor sat-in for three tunes with Randolph towards the end of RR’s set.

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  1. No Clapton sit-in. But as a consolation, PT’s message boards are absolutely hilarious right now. Finally, some actually Phish related chatter over there. It’s been awhile, we’re just trying to get used to it!

  2. Great to see Trey last night- he and Robert should form a band together. Would have loved to seen him come out and play with Clapton but RR and EC were on fire for the encore and to be honest, there was no room for Trey. Good times…

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