Bloggy Goodness: M.I.A., M.I.A. This Weekend

With the seventh installment of Bonnaroo kicking off in mere hours, we have some unfortunate news to report for those of you that had planned to be at That Tent on Friday afternoon to catch M.I.A. in action. The multi-cultural, indie-popster has pulled the plug on her performance along with her upcoming European tour – citing exhaustion and a lost sense of reality. Join the club!


Finally, I’ll make my Jewish mother proud by making sure I tell everyone to be safe, stay hydrated, wear plenty of sunscreen and call your Dad on Sunday for Father’s Day – he’ll definitely appreciate it. Enjoy the ‘Roo, my friends.

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  1. Dear MIA fans…when your favorite singer breaks down on stage and starts retelling the same story about her dog two nights in a row, then gets pulled over in upstate NY with certain illicit substances that would make even Nikki Sixx say “Whoa! Slow down there, pal”, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Yours truly, Phans

  2. when the boys come back, i would like to hear fishman sing “paper planes”…

    “I’ll fly like a paper get high like planes
    Catch me at the border I got visas in my name”


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