Briefly: Lillywhite to Produce New Phish Album?

With all the rumors goin’ around about the upcoming return of Phish, it’s always tough to differentiate stories that are complete bullshit from those that are based in fact. Our friend Todd at Jamtopia isn’t one to throw up a post if he didn’t believe his source. Todd just shared the details of an e-mail with a rumor that originated from Jon Fishman:

The short version: Phish is definitely reuniting and there will be a new Phish album produced by Steve Lillywhite, who produced Billy Breathes over 12 years ago.

We sure hope Todd’s source is right on this one. In the meantime, be sure to keep your eyes on Jamtopia for the best in live concert videos and rumors.

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15 thoughts on “Briefly: Lillywhite to Produce New Phish Album?

  1. Rob S. Reply


    Also, nothing new has been “Great” beyond Farmhouse (I do like the song ‘Round Room,’ and versions of new songs appearing on Brooklyn). If Trey has been writing w/ Tom, I hope they have been focusing on Trey’s real life, because that could make for some decent fodder for expression. Tom’s work is artful but abstract, often lacking an obvious significance. Metaphor, truth telling and soul are important components of skilled songwriting. cash&st=nyt

    I’ve loved the tunes for years, but need something deeper from the lyrics.

    My 2 cents.

  2. Pauly Reply

    Man oh man.

  3. dayjob1978 Reply

    Who told you!? This has been kept underground for weeks.

  4. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    ::moves to Noblesville::

  5. jps Reply

    I hope Trey’s giant ego doesn’t sabatage them in the medium term.

  6. Guyute Reply

    Rob, if you are looking for more from the lyrics from Phish then you trully do not understand what the whole “Phish thing” was(is) about.The lyrics are secondary to the music.Some groups use music as a vehicle for words,Phish used words as a vehicle for the music.

  7. evergladephish Reply

    Why do people always say Trey has a massive ego? I’ve been lucky enough to meet him several times, and hang out at the same social functions, and the guy is nothing but humble. He is the farthest thing from an ego maniac anyone could possibly be. The only thing I can think of is his stage persona, which has always been very assertive. That’s just who he is on stage. Seriously, the guy is as humble as they come. I really don’t get the egomaniac label.
    – Wag

  8. evergladephish Reply

    And another thing, in my opinion (which is worth its weight in salt) Round Room is the best studio effort Phish ever made. That album captures their sound better than any other CD they made. Farmhouse was all regurgitated material — everything on there had been in the setlist rotation for at least two years before Farmhouse even came out. In fact, that was a huge factor leading to the initial Hiatus.
    – Wag

  9. evergladephish Reply

    Sorry, I should have just made this all one reply. Dude, Tom’s lyrics are almost 100% metaphorical. How can you miss that?
    – Wag

  10. circlejam Reply

    Scents and Subtle, “colors in the void” Sing Softly broken dreams 2 versions of me Secret smile. that stuff is of Jeffersonian ideals thank you thank you yawl just ditch the cars on the interstate and walk oooonnnnnn. thank you thank you for to be inside of the 2001 ok ok OK see you on tour……..

  11. Sweaty Ray Reply

    Nice. We’ll see you on tour. They better open the first show with a sick, funky “tube”.

  12. Lazerbeamus Reply

    TRust is a bitz

  13. Chezbowski Reply

    i believe him but i don’t know why

  14. tim Reply


  15. Telex Reply

    Gonna be the BEST ALBUM EVER!!!

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