Fun With Acronyms: MMJ @ MSG On NYE

Has anyone had a better 2008 than the My Morning Jacket boys? These guys haven’t even played Radio City yet, and they’ve just announced their next New York City gig: New Year’s Eve at the Garden. Let’s just hope they don’t pull out like they did for New Year’s ’05-’06 with The Black Crowes.

Rumor has it M. Ward and Yo La Tengo will be opening, but that’s unconfirmed for now. For now, here’s a special on the making of My Morning Jacket’s Evil Urges direct from Current TV’s Fix Extended Play:

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4 thoughts on “Fun With Acronyms: MMJ @ MSG On NYE

  1. Rupert Reply

    Well, if it’s not gonna be a certain other band at MSG on NYE, this will do.

  2. Some Dude Reply

    Can I still sling bunk molly at this?

  3. weirleshen Reply


    we’ll have to wait for 09 for that certain other band

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