Friday’s Leftovers: Bonnaroo Blogs

On Wednesday we told you about all of the places you can listen to and/or watch all of the action from Bonnaroo, but today let’s take a look at who’s reporting live from the scene. HT Contributor Randy Ray has already started filing quick-and-to-the-point dispatches at Jambands, while the Knoxville News’ Bonnaroo Blog offers an offbeat look at the festival every couple of hours.

And don’t forget to check out Umphrey’s McGee’s brand new blog, The Floor, for the artist’s perspective on life at the ‘Roo. They’ve already put up a shitload of posts about their misadventures in Manchester in the first 24 hours.

Let’s end the week the way we started it with a buncha links:

I’ll be hitting two Steely Dan shows this weekend with The Coach, and Jeff will join me for a little Vampire Weekend action tomorrow afternoon. What’s your story? Let us know what you’re up to by leaving a message below…

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