MMJ @ RCMH: Downloads and YouTubes

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Last weekend, My Morning Jacket impressed the hell out of the Bonnaroo crowd by bringing out special guests and busting out fun covers over the course of their two set show. On Friday night at Radio City Music Hall the Louisville-based band showed that they could still rock the fuck out of an audience without relying on those gimmicks. My Morning Jacket pulled off a nicely-paced 160 minute set chock full of the finest songs in their catalog, and I loved nearly every minute of it.

[Photo by CSchwa17]

From the moment Jim James took the stage you could sense he fully appreciated his band’s achievement in selling out one of the most famous venues in the world. Remember those cheap old windup toys? It seemed like someone spent an hour winding Jim James up and let him loose. Towards the middle of the show I looked down for a minute and the next thing I knew everyone in the crowd was going ape shit. A friend of mine pointed in the direction of the runway that connects the stage and the balconies, where James was running up and down the aisle ways pausing only to rip memorable solos. What a total Rock God.

Here’s the setlist, including links to YouTubes where available…

Set: Evil Urges, Off The Record, Gideon, I’m Amazed, Highly Suspicious, What a Wonderful Man, Touch Me Part 1, Sec Walkin, Golden, Thank You Too, The Way That He Sings, Two Halves, Phone Went West, Aluminum Park, Steam Engine -> Smokin From Shootin -> Touch Me Part 2, Bermuda Highway@, Librarian, Wordless Chorus, It Beats 4 U, Dondante, The Bear, Lay Low, Run Thru, Anytime, One Big Holiday

I can’t even begin to describe all of the highlights from Friday night’s show, but one moment sticks out from the rest. When MMJ launched into the show-closing One Big Holiday the crowd went absolutely berserk. Men and women, young and old, started jumping up and down singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs. I haven’t seen a band illicit that reaction from their fans since I went to top-40 concerts in middle school. I had a hard time focusing on the band, as I was too busy watching everyone in the venue enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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4 thoughts on “MMJ @ RCMH: Downloads and YouTubes

  1. backslash Reply

    agreed! great show…Jim was def amped, and the crowd kept it going.

  2. ginz Reply

    show was simply amazing

    cant wait to see what tricks they pull out for NYE at MSG

  3. Lib4 Reply

    I still dont get them. I have tried to objectively listen to them but I dont see the hook. I mean they sound OK..I am not blown away everytime I hear them and that maybe personal choice but I still dont see it.

    Not too sound like an asshole but I think their popularity has more to do with filling a void in the rock genre dominated by hard rock/emo etc.

  4. floe.init Reply

    I totally agree with you, Lib4; there is nothing “asshole” about your comments. Many people I know agree with your sentiment completely. I am very open-minded and will give any band a chance, but this band does nothing for me at all. It’s pop music, plain and simple. They may rotate the song order, but the setlists are the same every night. There’s nothing about them that draws me in and makes me want more. If people like them, that’s fine, but I’ll be at a moe. show thank you very much.

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