Bloggy Goodness: Sly, Axl, Slash & Puppies!?!?

Leave it to Sebastian Bach to provide us with one of the more entertaining stories of the week. The former Skid Row front man spun a tale to Rock Daily about how he almost got both Axl Rose and Slash to jam with Sly Stone in the studio on separate occasions. Apparently the reason that it didn’t happen was that Sly was demanding that Bach buy the reclusive singer a $8,500 puppy from a specific kennel in Northern California. You can’t make this shit up kids.


Finally, the artist currently known as Prince is looking to put the kibosh on a Norwegian released tribute album called Shockadelica. Mr. Nelson’s lawyers are demanding that all 5,000 copies of the 81 track 5 CD box set be destroyed. The album, which reached number eight on Norway’s album chart, can be previewed on C+C Records website as well as on their MySpace page. For now, at least.

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