Stormy Mondays: The Grateful Beatles

Last year Stormy Mondays celebrated the birth of the country with a selection of Brit rock covers by Mr. Warren Haynes. One good tune deserves another, so this year we have Mr. Phil Lesh taking on The Beatles’ songbook. First up is a rare Grateful Dead version of Rain from MSG in ’93. The tune only became part of the GD repertoire in that final slew of weird covers in the mid ’90s.

Next up is the Q with She Said, She Said from Boston in ’00, followed by You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away from Jimmy Herring’s last gig as part of Phil’s band. Warren does a killer job as guest vocalist (Joan was already the lead singer at this point) on this soundboard recording that does not circulate. (The song would stay a staple in the ensuing, and miserable, Chris Robinson PaF.)

Finally, the long jam comes from an often overlooked, but exceptional version of Phil and Friends that played only two shows in the spring of ’05, featuring Barry Sless, Mookie Siegel, Molo, Jackie and Gloria, and Al Schnier. Across the Universe is the jumping off point for a jam that winds through Eyes and on into a smokin’ Love the One You’re With. The band is just about perfect, nailing the music in a way that is, let’s face it, rare for an inaugural night of a new Phil ensemble. And from where this week’s mix leaves off, the set continues with Millenium Jam into The Eleven into a stunning, one time only performance of Phish’s A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing (!!!!!!) > Man of Constant Sorrow. Certainly worth checking out while you’re eating hotdogs and launching illegal fireworks over the weekend. As always, enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Stormy Mondays: The Grateful Beatles

  1. Jeremy Reply

    Got to see two Rains in four shows, one in 1993 and one in 1995.

  2. jg Reply

    always loved the Warren led She Said, She Said.

  3. Rob S. Reply

    I prefer the “Shitty Beatles.” Or the “Jolly Green Giants.”

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