AfterNews: Rush/The Spectrum/Feist

  • Prog-rock innovators Rush, who haven’t performed on US Television since 1975, will appear on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report tomorrow night at 11:30 PM [EDT]. Here’s a shocker: according to the AP’s Jake Coyle the Canadian trio plan to perform Tom Sawyer on the program.

  • For the past 42 years Philadelphia’s Spectrum has been a constant in the ever-changing landscape of sports arenas, but the fabled venue’s time is nearly up. The Spectrum, which nearly every major rock band of the ’70s and ’80s played at, will close and be demolished next year.
  • Ever since Leslie Feist’s 1234 became the IT song of 2007 we’ve been waiting for her to teach the awesomely annoying tune to the furry creatures of Sesame Street. That day has finally come. I’ve always had a soft spot for Feist, but she does a particularly amazing job of changing the song around for use on the children’s television show. Check it out by clicking here.

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