Billy Joel @ Shea – Night 1: Setlist and Review

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Long Island’s Billy Joel brought a bunch of his friends to join him during the first of the two final concerts at New York City’s Shea Stadium tonight. Tony Bennett, John Mayer, Don Henley and John Mellencamp each joined Joel for a song during this epic affair. Check out Newsday’s photo gallery and review for more on the action.

[Photo by Bruce Gilbert of Newsday]

Here’s the setlist:

Set: Star Spangled Banner, Miami 2017, Prelude/AYM, My Life, Everybody Loves You Now, The Entertainer, Zanzibar, Allentown, Ballad of Billy the Kid, NYSOM (w/ Tony Bennett), Big Man on Mulberry Street, Root Beer Rag, Movin Out, Goodnight Saigon, Don’t Ask Me Why, This is the Time (w/ John Mayer), Keeping the Faith,
Downeaster “Alexa”, Innocent Man (w/ “Stand By Me” leading into), Boys of Summer (w/ Don Henley), She’s Always a Woman, Captain Jack, Lullabye, River of Dreams (w/ “Hard Days Night”), Pink Houses (w/ John Mellencamp), WDSTF, Still Rock and Roll, You May Be Right, Please Please Me (Beatles)

Encore: Scenes, Only the Good Die Young, She Loves You (Beatles), Take Me Out To The Ballgame > Piano Man, Souvenir [via]

All of those Beatles covers and teases certainly aren’t going to put the rumors to rest that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will join Joel on Friday during the final gig.

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12 thoughts on “Billy Joel @ Shea – Night 1: Setlist and Review

  1. Oliver Reply

    That looks awesome. Keep us posted on a heady boot?

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    You know it!

  3. Oliver Reply

    Apparently they’re making a concert film according to Newsday

  4. Chris Reply

    Yes, please do! I kept remarking how sweet this would be to have the audi from! GREAT show!!

    Thanks for your post and review! I was already reading it on the way home from the show.

  5. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    Don Henley > Warren Haynes

  6. MooMoo Reply

    Dissapointment over not being the last shoe ever has like a black cloud hanging over Shea last night. Billy addressed it after the 2nd song – blaming it on ticket brokers……The process of getting in was such a jam up that the crowd and show was energyless until Tony Bennett hit the stage. That created a brief spark that was then killed when no one knew Mulberry or Root Beer Rag. As a long time fan I appreciated hearing both – but was expecting a lot better choice of rarities from Billy. Where was Longest Time and Vienna and Honesty and all the other rare amazing Billy Joel songs that get little if any play ?? So then the crowd picks up again for John Mayer and he plays This is the Time ??? I am NOT a big fan of Faith either so – as this point I would have given the show a 2 /10 based on expectations…… The rest of the night made up for it – Thank God. Seen Billy 20x over the years and I think last night was def the last…..

  7. moomooboo Reply

    Im not a big FAN of you.

  8. nazz nomad Reply

    very disappointed that there wasn’t a Napalm attack on Shea last nite.
    coulda ended the Billy Joel scourge forever.
    Oh well, here’s hoping for more car resistant trees on Long Island.

  9. MooMoo Reply

    I’m not a big fan of me either 😉

    I was a little harsh because the place was so ill prepared for the crowds it just put me in bad mood all night. It should not have taken over an hour to get through security.
    That’s longer than any airport line I’ve waited in the last 5 years…..

    The shows will go down in history in their due place. Let’s see if anyone else is bitter when tonights guests in include Paul Simon and Elton John……

  10. Fred Boz - Reply

    I saw him at the Mohegan Sun just 3 weeks ago and his list was much shorter. I understand the Shea angle but disappointed he did not INCL tracks such as Miami 2017 and Only the Good Die Young for his loyal fans that night (JUL 3rd) – not fair IMHO –


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