Briefly: Trey and Don’s Time Turns Elastic

Former Vermont Youth Orchestra mentor Trey Anastasio makes his next appearance with a full orchestra on September 27 at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Trey will play electric guitar on a piece he wrote with frequent collaborator Don Hart entitled Time Turns Elastic backed by Orchestra Nashville. Hart made his last appearance with Big Red at Trey’s Webster Hall shows when Hart conducted his string arrangements on October 8 and 9, 2006.

Tickets go on sale next Friday at 10am CDT and will be offered through the Box Office, TicketMaster outlets and online via [via Terry O.]

UPDATE: Here’s more on the collaboration:

Time Turns Elastic is the centerpiece of the writing Trey has been doing over the past 18 months while he’s been off the road. With long, orchestral passages intertwined with epic guitar lines and vocals, the piece is in the vein of such classic Anastasio compositions as “Divided Sky,” “Guyute” and “You Enjoy Myself.” For nearly a year, Hart, who also collaborated on Anastasio’s 2006 album, Bar 17, commuted between his home in Nashville to Saratoga, NY to work with Trey on Time Turns Elastic.

“I’ve never come close to the collaboration I’ve had with Don Hart,” says Anastasio. “A lot of work done on this piece is conceptual conversations. It’s a true collaboration.” Anastasio also realizes the value of Orchestra Nashville’s instrumentation to tell a story and give Time Turns Elastic its warranted weight. “The common ground is in the dream and the vision, all of us are interested in getting beyond boundaries. Don and I talk about writing emotional content, and there are certain emotions that can only be called out of an orchestra.”

Tickets will also be available via a special Trey Ticketing presale.

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  1. Yay! I’m so, so excited for this. The first time I ever heard Guyute I imagined it being performed by an orhestra set to Fantasia (or perhaps a new addition to Fantasia).

  2. Same here. When I read the email from treyupdate my first thought was “uh oh, here we go again,” but then I got to the part about being in the same vein as Divided Sky and now I can’t wait.

    My fondest Divided Sky memories are in my college dorm with my best friends just blasting it while we played Wave Race on Nintendo 64. Those two go together like beans and rice.

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