‘Tubes: Knockin’ ‘Round Pancake Mountain

While we grew up with Sesame Street, The Electric Company and 3-2-1 Contact, there is a new generation that is learning the basics from the wildly irreverent kid’s show – which is equally aimed at adults – Pancake Mountain. If you’re not familiar you might want to start with watching this entertaining piece entitled What Is This Thing Called Pancake Mountain – to get the quick scoop.

Over the course of the last few years the show has invited a veritable who’s who of indie-rock musicians to hang with Rufus Leaking and Captain Perfect. It was this entertaining promo clip of what the gang had been up to between seasons we thought we’d share….

How many educational shows out there are making references to touring with Widespread Panic? Now if I actually had a kid I wouldn’t feel so weird over the fact I’ve been really enjoying the show.

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One thought on “‘Tubes: Knockin’ ‘Round Pancake Mountain

  1. nazz nomad Reply

    this is so awesome i might have to have another kid.

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