Bust Outs: Climbing The Charts Edition

The Black Crowes – The Mighty Quinn & The Girl From the North Country

It’s probably been ten years since I’ve caught the Black Crowes live, but after hearing Rich on these two Bob Dylan favorites, they are now on the short list. Rich Robinson is bringing his A-game in the form of crispy guitar fills, pick melting solos, and inspired monotone vocals – particularly in his sarcastic summer homage to Quinn the Eskimo. Black Crowes shows are populating Live Downloads, covers are springing up regularly and the improvisational sections are stretching. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say after years of cruddy album reviews, the Black Crowes are finally getting the hang of this jamband thing.

Now all we need is for Rich Rob to bust out a Hail to the Victors cover!

moe. – America Fuck Yeah

In retrospect, we probably should have seen this coming. For a fucking brilliant 4th of July show opener, the South Park patriotic opus fits right in moe.’s wheelhouse. This cover is more of a good time goof off than a memorable musical performance, but still a truly great call.

Also, don’t forget, “Christopher Columbus discovered America and was the Indians’ best friend. He helped the Indians win their war against Frederick Douglass and freed the Hebrews from Napoleon and discovered France.”

In honor of declaring random things American like sushi and Reeboks, I’ve also included a recent Karma Police cover with a pretty rad end jam.

The Disco Biscuits – Goodbye Stranger

Who would have thought the Disco Biscuits would dust off a Supertramp single and kick so much ass? In typical Biscuits fashion, they handily maneuver through an accurate lighter-flicking worthy interpretation for five minutes before bursting into a totally irrelevant high energy techno jam. I previously regarded Goodbye Stranger as a girly eighth grade mix tape song, but it may be time to rethink that. It’s amazing what putting a little muscle into the drums can do to a song. Also, good call by the Disco Biscuits in calling Al from moe. onstage for vocal duties as this one could have gotten ugly otherwise.

Speaking of Supertramp, can anyone help settle a debate? Is Rick Davies from Supertramp of any relation to the brothers Davies from the Kinks? I can’t find any evidence so I assume probably not, but I could have sworn they were related somehow.

Umphrey’s McGee – Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Last but not least, Umphrey’s will say so long to both you and your face with a Pink Floyd mindbender from this year’s Summer Camp. You know the story here, so enjoy yet another near perfect note for note take on the Gilmour opus. Hope to see you tonight at Roseland.

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