Review: Newport Folk Festival Pt. 2

After heading to a tent to dry off I partook in some of Rhode Island’s finest frozen lemonade and seafood while waiting for Cat Power’s equipment to be setup. While I’ve heard plenty of Cat Power’s music, I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Chan Marshall and her band in person. I planned to catch a little of their set before enjoying the Black Crowes’ headlining performance. But I enjoyed Cat Power’s set so much that I never made it over to see the Robinson Brothers. Chan’s breathy voice sucked me in and her guitarist’s slick skills kept me entranced. By the middle of her set the sun came back out in full force providing a stunning backdrop. Marshall kept it together throughout the 75-minute performance that featured originals mixed with an eclectic batch of covers by the likes of Hank Williams, Lil’ Wayne and James Brown.

As I mentioned I missed the Crowes set at Newport, but according to Crowes Base the Robinson brothers opened up with Girl From The North Country and He Was A Friend Of Mine (accompanied by Luther Dickinson on mandolin) before the whole band came out for a batch of tunes from Warpaint as well as fan favorites Wiser Time, Jealous Again and Thorn In My Pride.

Once Cat Power’s mind blowing set ended, and I realized the Crowes were almost finished, I headed back to my car via a ferry into downtown Newport. Checking out the scene at the fest from a boat was a pretty cool capper to an incredible day.

When I returned to Fort Adams the next afternoon it felt as if the entire crowd had been replaced. Gone were the Phish t-shirts, horn-rimmed glasses and pretty much anyone under 40. The weather was clear and there was much more of a party atmosphere in the air. I didn’t expect to like the second day more than the first, but that’s exactly what happened.

Why did Scotty enjoy day 2 more than day 1? Tune in tomorrow to find out…

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  1. In fairness to Trey, his decision to leave could have been based on protecting his sobriety. I’m quite sure that there were things going on backstage w/ musicians & others that Trey used to be a part of but is no longer participating in. I have been clean & sober for years but still do not hang around the old situations I used to get loaded in. I don’t know how this looks to others, but for me, it’s just a personal safety issue.

  2. I heard some folk in the press tent saying that Trey was headed down to Gathering of the Vibes because some folks from within the Phish camp were down there

  3. My favorite part of “I’m Not There” is when Calexico w/Jim James do Goin’ To Acapulco. It’s the only reason I bought the soundtrack and is, perhaps, my FAVORITE part of the movie. To me it gives epic a whole new meaning. That’s awesome they did it. I need to go back and see if you posted a youtube of it so I can watch it over and over and over again 🙂

    Thanks again for the review!

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