Trey Anastasio Brings Classic TAB to The Music Hall of Williamsburg: Live Setlist and Photos

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4:50 PM: Soundcheck in progress, about 10 folks in front of venue (via Bruce)

5:00 PM: Alrighty, I’m outta here. One last note from Bruce at the venue before we leave: Trey’s car appears to be right outside, running, driver ready to whisk him off after SC

5:52 PM: DaveO here, I’ll be passing along the photos and commentary from ScottyB all evening long. Just received the photo of the marquee:

TAB Marquee

6:01 PM: About 30 folks in line. Doors opening soon.

6:42 PM: Waiting at the bar for the main venue to open. Maybe 50 people here so far

7:58 PM: Just entered the actual room. Plenty of folks left ticketless outside. Many people were busted using fakes. Gorgeous room.

8:03 PM: Stage setup: Tony on Page-side with Russ. Trey and Ray to the left. About 150 inside.

Stage Setup

8:13 PM: Antelope Greg in the house. It’s all happening.

8:23 PM: It’s wonderful seeing all these familiar faces.

8:27 PM: Pre-show music: Vampire Weekend. The place is starting to fill up.

8:29 PM: Kuroda at the light board.

8:37 PM: We have confirmation the show will be 2 sets. (Setbreak last played 3/8/2007)

8:52 PM: Playoff-like intensity ’round these parts.

8:55 PM: Pre-show calisthenics have begun

9:10 PM: Houselights are down.

9:12 PM: Alaska Opener. SERVER CRASH

9:17 PM: Jiboo

9:27 PM: Trey Killin The Jiboo Solo

9:28 PM: We’re back! Check the top of this post for the running setlist.

9:29 PM: Peggy (Debuted at Newport Folk Fest)

9:30 PM: Russ Lawton – So Smooth. Alaska arrangement was fab.

9:33 PM: Nice little solo break in Peggy. New coda very cool.

9:33 PM: Sweet Dreams Melinda

9:38 PM: Trey looks skyward as he starts a duel with Ray

9:40 PM: Trey loves looking over and seeing Russ & Tony.

9:41 PM: SAND

9:44 PM: Sand = Fast Tempo

9:47 PM: Trey busts out the Wah and leaves carnage in his path. He hasn’t forgotten how to do it

9:49 PM: SO tight

9:51 PM: High fives all around. We’ve got a winner.

9:51 PM: Cayman Review

9:59 PM: Unknown, Scotty is stumped! New tune? “Running From Yourself”?

10:00 PM: Total Rehab Song

10:02 PM: Windora Bug! – Last Played 5/26/2003 (137 Shows)

10:05 PM: Tony is loving delivering these lyrics.

10:06 PM: Venue filled but not packed

10:10 PM: Night Speaks To a Woman

10:11 PM: Background vocals hurtin’

10:13 PM: Trey almost nails the lick

10:15 PM: Much cleaner tone than usual

10:20 PM: End Set. God Damn!

10:38 PM: Everyone buzzing about how good they sound. Where’s the rust? Sercurity non-existent. Sprits High. Ready for my Mr. Completely

10:44 PM: Did I mention this place is tiny?

10:49 PM: Tuesday

10:55 PM: Drifting

11:03 PM: Backwards Down the Number Line

11:05 PM: Ray & Russ singing backup.

11:09 PM: Spin

11:10 PM: I’m on Tony Tour sign bustout

11:13 PM: Sicky post-Spin jam

11:19 PM: Dark adventurous improv

11:22 PM: Spin In Circles (possible title)

11:23 PM: Very poppy tune but has cool elements. Hoping for a jam.

11:24 PM: Matisyahu watching from SBD

11:27 PM: One of the better solos of the night. Machine-gunnin-Trey

11:31 PM: Another new one. Very slow. Billy Breathes-esque

11:33 PM: Terrific proggy composed section. Diggin’ it.

11:36 PM: Now bluesy jam. This is the tune folks. I got no title.

11:39 PM: Possible title shutdown? Back into slow head

11:41 PM: The Way I Feel

11:46 PM: Band focused and connected. Ray tears The Way I Feel a new one.


11:48 PM: Mr. Completely

11:55 PM: Jam takes a sharp turn. Very spacey.

11:57 PM: Segue into another new tune.

12:00 AM: Possible title, “And The Light is Growing Brighter”

12:02 AM: Trey thanks crowd for letting em play new songs. Band intros

12:02 AM: Trey says he’ll post the song titles tomorrow on the NET (HA!). First Tube.

12:09 AM: End Set.

12:12 AM: Heavy Things

12:15 AM: Ray plays a tasty solo on the piano

12:17 AM: Bug

12:18 AM: Big ‘ol singalong

12:24 AM: End show.

That’s all she wrote! Thank you for visiting the site so frequently tonight that you crashed us twice. Please bookmark us and check back tomorrow for photos, videos and hopefully the first audience tape of tonight’s show.

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151 thoughts on “Trey Anastasio Brings Classic TAB to The Music Hall of Williamsburg: Live Setlist and Photos

  1. zappafrank Reply

    Shitty set so far! come on Trey, you can do better!


    ANywho, thanks guys for this extremely heady service. can’t wait.

  2. Some Dude Reply

    Scotty I hate you because you’re going and I’m not, but I’ll be monitoring the live blog all night – can’t wait to see your thoughts and the setlist.

    Enjoy my friend!!!!


    AWESOME. IT’S LIKE I’M THERE!! Don’t forget to enjoy the music while you’re there.

  4. Scott Bernstein Reply

    If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know that’s not a problem.

  5. JON LAMB Reply

    Gnice thanks have fun

  6. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Predictions anyone?

    How about a lil’ First Tube > Somantin, Sand, Aqui Como Alla, Heavy Things, Bell Bottom Blues, Mozambique action??

  7. ABowl4Me Reply

    Having a pair of wings on you does a lot for you. Regardless of the few sketch kids who either have spent to much time on tour or bought their wings and pinned themselves, when someone sees you have your wings, they know youv been around a minute and that your trustworthy, and most importantly, that you are family.
    It took me years to get my wings and i didnt even realize i was being watched and that i was wanted.

  8. kaz Reply

    Trey should bustout Cities>Daves Energy Guide>Cities, Caravann, and Flat Fee.

  9. chris Reply


  10. DaveO Reply

    I’m saying Silicon Fairy bustout

  11. byrnesy Reply

    Scotty this is the greatest idea. Thanks a bundle. I LOVE your predictions. Who knows? Did these guys ever play MLC and stuff? That and push are more horn driven.

    I’ll call a JIBOO.

  12. parallx Reply

    I’m thinking something like this:

    First Tube
    Alive Again
    Mr Completely
    Burlap Sack and Pumps
    Cayman Review

    Sand somewhere in set 2 or late in set 1.

  13. Rambo Reply

    if no phish tunes are played, this show will be a complete failure

  14. chris Reply

    kaz, just so you know, my “^what?” was intended for the post above yours. I wasn’t referring to what you said Trey should bust out tonight.

  15. Hadley66 Reply

    What the hell is that post about wings?!

    Regardless, I hope y’all get a big, nasty Jibboo.

  16. kaz Reply

    No worries chris! And no matter what red plays tonight, Its going to be sick! Im sure hes pretty pumped about this show! And if he decides to play ROOTDOWN, that would be nice too 🙂

  17. ABowl4Me Reply

    I know a kid who bought his wings… If i see a kid on lot wearing wings, i know he is family. If you have your wings, its assumed you are family. If you bought your wings and pinned yourself, people know and it gets around. They might be taken from you, but one things for sure, you wont be mistaken for family.
    It is a special thing, something that truelly is earned over a long period of time. You have to prove yourself over and over again.
    Also, the person who pins you forever has a special place in your heart. (((((((grant and everyone else who involved in my pinning)))))))

  18. zappafrank Reply

    somebody might get pinned tonight!

  19. IwantMikesHair Reply

    oh good, ABowl4Me is back

  20. cpatrocks Reply

    Dave and Scotty are Geigh for Trey

  21. jozzer Reply

    Are you sure it’s ABowl4Me? I think it may be 10Bowls4Me.

  22. IwantMikesHair Reply

    i’m sure abowl4me is an imposter doing a great impersonation

  23. ABowl4Me Reply

    just one more brief comment and I’ll leave you be…i just needed to get this off my chest tbh…

    The sketch kids you speak off probobly bought their wings. Wings arent to be bought, or put on yourself.
    You earn wings by bringing your energy to the scene day in day out, letting your light shine, and proving time after time that you are FAMILY. Just by being a solid kid.
    Wings are a big deal, and i didnt even understand that until i got pinned. Having a pair of wings on you does a lot for you. Regardless of the few sketch kids who either have spent to much time on tour or bought their wings and pinned themselves, when someone sees you have your wings, they know youv been around a minute and that your trustworthy, and most importantly, that you are family.
    It took me years to get my wings and i didnt even realize i was being watched and that i was wanted.

    Im a terrapin over the bolt… Mine were worn for years by the kid who pinned me before they where put on me.
    I caught the dead, but i dont consider myself to be a dead kid by any means. I love the dead, but it just wasnt my scene, i missed that wave. Having wings and all that comes with it really has nothing to do with the grateful dead, its about family, and what this scene is all about at its heart. It says a lot for a person if they have their wings.

  24. kscarr Reply

    “if no phish tunes are played, this show will be a complete failure”

    i like to judge shows after i actually listen to them. the best shows i’ve heard rarely look like it on paper.

  25. fluffhead Reply

    anybody know if the rev will be at the show?

  26. mjkmike Reply

    who’s phish and why are they following me?

  27. ABowl4Me Reply

    All right stop. Collaborate and listen
    Me and Dawn out on a groundscore mission.
    Something grabs a hold of me tightly
    dosed by the rev, daily and nightly
    will it ever stop, yo i don’t know
    Nine tour starts in 4 days, lets go

    to the extreme i rock LRG like a vandal
    with the healing crystal and birkenstock sandal
    Bum rush nershi side straight booms
    trippin all day only custies pay for mushrooms

    Deadly, when I play a dope melody
    they tried to car jack me, yo, thats a felony
    Love it or leave it
    You better gain way
    i got the dime bag and 327 better pay

    if there’s an apartment, yo, Kris will rent it
    is that bowl still packed? naw Kris spent it

    Now when I’m sad I drink captain morgan
    I got a homie that looks like gollum and billy corgan
    Quick to the cell, chicago real estates my bitch
    I rent apartments like Macys sells abercrombie and fitch
    Even though I was GDF once
    I still go crazy when I hear the untz
    Rollin in my uhaul at camp bisco with all my shit
    the cop took my crystal and he stepped on it

    if there’s an apartment, yo, Kris will rent it
    is that bowl still packed, naw Kris spent it


    I hear one phan is on tap to get pinned tonight. Could it be you???

  29. PlusSizeModel Reply

    Any 14 year old Filipino boys outside the venue?

  30. goodbyehead Reply

    I’ hope we get a Money, Love, & Change tonight.

  31. the joker Reply

    i think trey is gonna open with “drifting”

  32. mjkmike Reply

    back on the train will be played for sure!

  33. liquid_swords Reply

    it took a long time for me to get my hot wings

  34. cpatrocks Reply

    STUD Opener

  35. dubs Reply

    This one kid tried to pin me once…I was like, “WTF? Get that maxipad away from me, dude”

  36. Monk Reply

    Tweeprise opener

  37. kaz Reply

    Trey stopped by the house this morning… I hooked him up with some honey bunches of oats.

  38. jay Reply


  39. liquid_swords Reply

    doors are almost open!!!

  40. Bwaaahahah Reply


  41. Fordprecept Reply

    what is showtime?

  42. DaveO Reply

    Showtime = 9pm

  43. phoxman Reply

    Jibbo opener

  44. reed the book Reply

    ditto the jibboooooo

  45. mjkmike Reply

    well the first picture is not very good in my opinion.

  46. Monk Reply

    mjkmike, we are blazing new trails here. Please be patient.

  47. Fordprecept Reply

    so what 9:20 start? monk we are all appreciative keep it coming. I also say jiboo to open. no, sand opener. yeah i stick witth sand.

  48. Mad Indian Reply

    Anty Greg in da house…with shades on or off? Inquiring minds want to know.

  49. Trancepotter Reply

    Lope G better chill.

  50. panicattack3 Reply

    Thanks for posting outside>inside the venue Scotty…

    DaveO and Scotty anymore pictures to update?

  51. mjkmike Reply

    hey not trying to burst any bubbles. I’m sure he will take some dope photos. Just that pic of the stage sucks. But hey who the heck am I? Fluffhead for an opener would be funny!

  52. reed the book Reply

    did we know ck was on lights tonight?

  53. Youenjoymy420 Reply

    So cool. Love the play by play guys. Make sure you take a picture of the red headed fuckface when he comes out. Love him. I wish I were there. Hopefully he tears shit up. Anyway, good work so far.

  54. Nathan Reply

    lol @ Vampire Weekend. It’s for Neeko.

  55. Billarockstar Reply

    “(Setbreak last played 3/8/2007)”

    oh snap…. you’re/we’re such f’n dorks…

    i love it.

    rock out b et al…

  56. Papa Phunk Reply



    Opener ….. Bring da heat Trey !!!!

    Thanks Scotty and Dave. you guys rule.

  57. kaz Reply

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TAY!

  58. someoneelse Reply

    A Mozambique will be played fo sho.

  59. shakedown814 Reply

    cannot wait!!!! Thanks to the guys who are making this webpage possible.

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  61. shakedown814 Reply

    lol @ last setlist played:)

  62. Mad Indian Reply

    pre-show calisthenics…hells yah…with all the ol’ farts in the room…I bet the “touch yo toes” exercises gets really stinky….STRETCH ON IT!

  63. Peter Reply

    Thank you guys for doing this…this is so exciting!!!

  64. Alex Reply

    Shine opener

  65. Chief Reply

    last chance for opener calls

  66. shaggenstein Reply

    No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn, why put your link, which just goes right back here, trying to piggy back on the good things HT is doing?

  67. shakedown814 Reply

    Sand opener??

  68. pat Reply

    driftin, or alive again

  69. mjkmike Reply

    I smell a drifting.And it smells good!

  70. Youenjoymy420 Reply

    actually, Pat, I think Alive Again is a really good call.

  71. gooball420 Reply

    sick sick sick sick sick

  72. Mad Indian Reply

    Opener: Stone Free!

  73. pat Reply

    would be a cool statement opener

  74. Hadley66 Reply

    “Youenjoymy420 said on Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    actually, Pat, I think Alive Again is a really good call.”

    Certainly appropriate

  75. Only8Toes Reply


  76. mjkmike Reply

    money ,love, and change

  77. DaveO Reply

    Shaggenstein, that’s a ping-back that’s automatically generated. . .

  78. shakedown814 Reply

    man my refresh button is getting a workout!!!

  79. mjkmike Reply

    crosseyed and painless

  80. fluffhead Reply

    alaska, jibbo

  81. shakedown814 Reply

    set I:

  82. mjkmike Reply


  83. shakedown814 Reply

    set I:
    Jiboo(Trey is killin jiboo solo!!!)

  84. unjoymislf Reply

    This guy has really shit the bed on the whole live aspect of this blog.

  85. shakedown814 Reply


  86. Chief Reply


  87. shakedown814 Reply

    set I:

  88. shakedown814 Reply

    Sweet Dreams Melinda

  89. y2trey2003 Reply

    Terry Schiavo had a better blog than this piece of shit.

  90. mjkmike Reply

    its cool seeing the set list right away. The pics look like a 5 year olds taking them.

  91. Alex Reply

    couple probs early, working great now!

  92. Chief Reply

    jeezus..has Tony gotten BIGGER?!

  93. unjoymislf Reply

    Tony has been hanging with Dave Schools again hasn’t he? :-D))

  94. AJOM Reply

    “High fives all around. We’ve got a winner.” So Hetti

  95. Justin Helton Reply

    Hey guys i was fortunate enough to do the posters for tonight’s show. As a long time Phish phan and trey fan in general I was stoked as hell to get asked to do this. If anyone wants one or didnt get one at the show they will be for sale tomorow at 10 am EST at Man I wish I could have made it to the show…kind of a long haul from TN though.

  96. Phorever Reply

    Go Bears

  97. meaty Reply

    tour openers suck

  98. unjoymislf Reply


  99. PhishRy Reply

    Bug was played at Rothbury too

  100. meaty Reply

    and 2 show tours suck even worse

  101. characterzerocloser Reply

    really digging the peak into the show. thanks for making this happen. you’d think tony would by a bigger chair for himself by now…

  102. Jules Reply

    Where’s my Last Tube, man??? It’s been so long 🙂

  103. Sneakins Reply

    come onnnn bell bottom blues!! or Ooooh CHild

  104. Chief Reply

    almost nails the lick?

  105. DaveO Reply

    Pretty sure Scotty is referring to that lick that happens twice in the song where it’s just guitar…and Trey never gets all the notes.

  106. ArtieLang Reply

    Will there be two sets on Sunday?

  107. Jules Reply

    Anyone heard ‘the riff’ tonight? YOU know the one!

  108. Chief Reply

    ahh… thats what i thought …

  109. Chief Reply

    something needs to be done about sunday being only 1hr. Fuck Jack Johnson, man.

  110. Jules Reply

    Anyone want to speculate on what 4 songs (ha!) he will play at APW?

  111. ArtieLang Reply

    Well, I guess that equates to one set. Better than nothing…can’t wait!

  112. N Reply

    Quantegy would be nice

  113. ccburke Reply

    Gayman Review is the worst song ever. Who ever paid 200 for a ticket to this joke is a fool!

  114. Jules Reply

    First or Last Tube at APW would be stellar!

  115. trumpedelicus Reply

    This show would be alot better if it was just trey

  116. howie Reply

    good call N

  117. howie Reply

    i like electric trey trump

  118. sweetmelinda Reply

    Security may be non-existent, but my husband and our friends got yelled at for dancing too hard on the balcony!

  119. y2trey2003 Reply

    come on baby lets go downtown would be amazing

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  121. trumpedelicus Reply

    We all want electric trey, but geez, we all want phish too. Maybe if he could pull a good setlist with his guitar plugged in the wall with this band. Then this wouldn’t be a conversation. Please don’t state the obvious on this board. Your wasting space

  122. jet favre Reply

    phish sucks

  123. jay Reply

    wings are dumb. they worked long ago, when things were different. kids are dumb and they steal wings or beat kids up for them. everyone wants the boys back sooo bad, but i hope you all know it isnt going to be anything near the same. yeah the music will be tight, and for those of us who understand and appreciate what is involved with this thing called phish will rise above and have a great time, but there are so many people that are going for the wrong reasons. i hope i am wrong, i tend to think of things in the negative so when they happen they really are amazing, but i have already seen it start on a small scale and am a little frightened as to what the future holds.

  124. Lucas Reply

    “You earn wings by bringing your energy to the scene day in day out, letting your light shine, and proving time after time that you are FAMILY. Just by being a solid kid.”

    – Jesus christmas kid, get a job, get a life and dewook yourself.

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  126. taper Reply

  127. DaveO Reply

    Mr. Completely is always breaking things…balconies, web servers…

  128. Forbin 22 Reply

    Thanks from LA

  129. Rupert Reply

    Stellar coverage guys. Hasta Manana.

  130. dayjob1978 Reply

    thanks guys for the updates. i had a blast. really enjoyed the bug

  131. zappafrank Reply

    thanks guys. keep up the good work

  132. ooo Reply

    the live blogging is pathetic…..just go to the concert or dont, who cares

  133. ooo's Dad Reply

    fuck you ooo.

  134. richard in kansas city Reply

    thanks for the blogging!

    just got home (4:30am) and came here to see if maybe you guys posted a setlist

    hahaha!! you did more than that!! good work!! and thanks!

  135. gooball420 Reply

    good work with the bagzooka, Scott.

    I can’t wait to hear the recordings.

  136. Boo Reply

    TREY IS BACK. PERIOD. That was the cleanest most error free show since a handful from “00……

  137. headyesq Reply

    that looks great. every body that got in, i both hate and am happy for you at the same time.

    maybe next time tickets will sell out in under a 30 seconds so i can sit here even more pissed off than i am now.

    dead red looks great though.

  138. phyrstjedi Reply

    I saw this TAB band back in ’99…best trey set up ever

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