Bisco Tour Dog For Trey Ticket: The Responses

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I don’t usually respond to things online like this that bother me, but I felt i needed to in this case. Dude… are at best a douchebag. Seriously, at best. You’re clearly not even close to a decent human being, much less a responsible dog owner. How about sell your fucking DVD player, or your TV or any of the other material possessions that are absolutely meaningless on a day to day basis?

Your dog??? Jesus Christ your an ass. Go fuck yourself.

I think you are a SICK SICK FUCK and I wish the worst of karma to you. I hope someone loving takes your dog, you go to the show and someone doses you beer and your fucking heart stops….actually, it seems as though it already has…..all for a stupid fucking Trey show….Trey blows now anyway, you’re to fucking young to know any better though. I hope you rot in hell.

Get a life you fucking idiot! Trading a living soul for a worthless show is disturbing. Perhaps if you were nearing the end of your life, had never been to a show before, or were ordered to the show as a last request of a dying friend perhaps this would be mildly acceptable. If you can’t afford a 200 ticket, you have absolutely no business trying to take care of a dog. None. And to close your ad with Namaste is to show how completely ignorant you are about life and what Namaste means. Karma, buddy, karma.

Well, in it’s well-being. You’re pretty unbelievable and I only hope your Craigslist post is a joke. I’m this close to calling the humane society and pointing out your post to them. And they WILL do something about it. Get a life you fucking loser. It’s a Trey show. So fucking what? You’re gonna trade your dog so you can go to a show and do a bunch of drugs? Why don’t you just learn to just enjoy life. Being able to say you went to such and such show with all your jamband friends is not going make you happy for the rest of your life even if it does now. Grow up, you no-nut asshole.

you’re a fucking piece of shit — willing to give up your dog for ticket to a TREY SHOW?!?!?!?? you don’t deserve that beautiful lab. get your fucking priorities in order. ever wonder how the dog would feel about his/her master abandoning them to some stranger so that you can go to see Trey Anastasio?? fuck you. you make me sick.

I saw your ad on craigslist and I have to admit………you may just be the worlds biggest douch bag. trading your dog for a ticket to a fucking show???? why don’t you just give me the dog? over the course of 10 years i saw 119 phish shows and i use to see trash like you at shows all the time, leaving dogs in the car, and starving them. i truely hope you never have the chance to see your first phish show, and furthermore, i hope you die a slow and painful death. go fuck yourself. -jason

You are a dumb fuck This message was sent from my blackberry.

You are a real scumbag if you would give your dog away to see Trey, a real scumbag. Its obvious that you have never seen phish also or you would never be willing to part with your dog of 3 years to see what will probably be an avg Trey-band show, you noob. Show some loyalty to your dog you scumbag

You gotta be kidding, right kid? Look, the show and Trey are not that important, you would regret parting with Catepillar the instant you let him go. Listen to your post, he guided you home when you needed help tripping on mescaline. He loves you and is loyal, something that is worth a lot more than $225! Trust me kid you are young; trust, loyalty, and love from your pet is precious – don’t worry, trey will play again, it’s what he does. Please don’t give up on your pet!

But all hope’s not lost. Here are three people that e-mailed our friend, people that either get the joke or are pretty sick fucks in their own right:

I have an extra ticket and would love a black lab! Are you still looking for a ticket??

Good afternoon, I have a ticket for the Trey show and would be willing to trade it for your dog. I could meet you at anytime to arrange the trade. Let me know.

Hilarious! Well done! Please let me know how much hatemail you get from PETA tools who can’t take a joke.

And lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the nicest guy on the Internets:

I’ve been checking out your listing on Craigslist and felt really bad for your situation. I understand how hard it could be to choose between your dog and Trey tickets. Basically, what I am offering is to cover the cost of your tickets on stub hub, watch your dog for you, and when you have the money, you can pay me back at a later date. You can have the Caterpillar back then. I feel like this is a win-win for everyone.

I know there are some crazies out there, but c’mon, do you think even the most spun-out wook on Bisco tour would sell his dog for $200 Trey tickets? Think about it! There’s no way they’d trade that fucker for anything less than $1,000 worth of deemsters and crystals.

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10 thoughts on “Bisco Tour Dog For Trey Ticket: The Responses

  1. RupertThe Cable Guy Reply

    Well, look who decided to show?

  2. Brad Reply

    I sometimes come across the random link to this thing called “Glide magazine” and…well… your stuff sucks.

    its been said/done before. its old. its boring.

  3. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    Huzzah! Looks like Caterpillar will live to see his next Mindless Dribble>MEMPHIS*>Shem Ra Boo>Svenghali**>MEMPHIS>Helicopters*** again. Dare I say Caterpillar is one LUCKY DOG (heh heh)?

    ** dyslexic
    *** – completes 8/22

  4. toe cutter Reply

    kill the pseudo hippies!

  5. Brad's Just Pissed... Reply

    …because he cut off his left nut and got a fake ticket!

  6. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Did a guy who’s email address is taken from a Particle song just call our site shitty and unoriginal?? Oh the irony.

  7. Christian Reply

    LOL, well done guys.

  8. Oliver Reply

    Did the blowjob girl get in. I was pulling for her.

  9. Russ Reply

    I love when sarcasm gets lost on the Internets. My favorite response: “You are a dumb fuck This message was sent from my blackberry.”

  10. Nic Reply

    I did get in! Thanks! My lips didn’t touch a thing except for some cold beer inside. 😉

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