Review: Steal This Ticket @ Spiegeltent

After about ten minutes, Barber returns to the stage and says the cop is a Bisco fan and will let him stay out of jail if he can play a song with them. The cop has a guitar and a great cover of The Beatles’ Come Together ensues. The rest of the set was highlighted by two more covers (MGMT and Daft Punk) and some more high energy jamtronica. All in all a really fun night well worth getting to bed at 3AM for. Travis and Hann must have been tired, as they were onstage all night with the exception of the brief DJ Logic set. Props to Steve Molitz for putting this project together with what he said were “his favorite musicians in the world.”

Folks that didn’t go, or left early on account of it being a Sunday, missed out on a high energy performance by a perfect blend of like-minded musicians celebrating a man who helped to pioneer this scene over 40 years ago. It was clear that these guys spent at least a little time together rehearsing because there were hardly any moments where things got “lost,” which is something that happens all too often in these superjam type projects. Here’s to hoping the tapes of Sunday night’s performance get released.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Steal This Ticket @ Spiegeltent

  1. zappafrank Reply

    Awesome! I had forgotten all about this. Thanks for the great review. SOunds like some great music went down.

  2. jg Reply

    very cool, a bit bummed I wimped out on this one.

  3. B EASY Reply

    Barber did an amazing job acting like he was getting arrested.

  4. rocnopal Reply

    Spiegelworld sounds like a place that could only host fun, tripped out, avant guard events.
    I should go.
    But for any of you who missed this show, I see EOTO is playing in Oct. at Sullivan Hall. They put on such a show, they’re sick musicians.
    Its Oct. 16th. Note the date…

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