Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Orange Blossom Special

Over the last few years, the Southern-fried soul, rock and blues outfit MOFRO has given Wilco a run for its money in the lineup change department. With the 2007 release of Country Ghetto, the band officially changed its name to JJ Grey & MOFRO and added the Hercules Horns to the mix. JJ Grey, the driving force behind the band, cited the personal nature of the songs he’d been writing as the main reason for the new moniker.

JJ and the rest of the MOFRO boys released their latest album Orange Blossoms in late August, which is chocked full of more tunes about the state of the band’s home turf. Let’s check out their debut music video for the soul-infused, horn-laced title track…

The Florida-based band is currently in the midst of lengthy U.S. tour, so be sure to catch them when they hit your town.

More Mofro:

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One thought on “Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Orange Blossom Special

  1. JR Reply

    Also, I’ve read that JJ played lead guitar on the CD… makes me wonder even more what the other guy on stage is doing exactly. Gotta say the leads are great. Not complicated or virtuistic, but fit the music perfectly.

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