Everyone Is Beautiful At Yankee Stadium

Like many folks in NYC, I’m slowly coming to grips with the fact that I will have my first baseball free October in thirteen years. I guess that’s a good thing with all the concerts I have lined up next month, or at least I keep telling myself that. There have been many heartfelt tributes to the House That Ruth Built over the last few days, the latest comes in the way of an aptly titled song Yankee Stadium from E Street Band member Nils Lofgren.

Here’s some info about the track straight from Nils’ website…

Hello everyone. Nils Lofgren here. I wanted to give you some history on this new song, “Yankee Stadium.” My fabulous wife Amy (a Jersey girl), remains a life-long Yankee fan with a great, emotional history of experience in Yankee Stadium from childhood to present. Her concept and the song’s chorus; “everyone is beautiful in Yankee Stadium,” was born from those memories and experiences. She’s been asking me to write this song for a while and here it is.

I’m a long time fan myself, especially of the mythical and mystical nature of old Yankee Stadium, which I’ve been fortunate to experience first hand. This song is an homage born of respect and gratitude for all the emotional and spiritual beauty Yankee Stadium has offered to so many, for so long. We hope all you Yankee fans out there enjoy it!

Give a listen to Mr. Lofgren’s ode to the Cathedral Of Baseball…

You can the grab your very own copy of the track right now for free.

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5 thoughts on “Everyone Is Beautiful At Yankee Stadium

  1. coach Reply

    i heard him play part of this song during the television coverage on sunday and i’ve got to say i think it is awful. it seems like he just wanted to interject himself into the news about the stadium closing and get his name out there. it’s terrible and embarrassing.

  2. Some Dude Reply

    Maybe it’s my instant nostalgia, but I actually kind of dig it.

  3. jg Reply

    “Everyone Is Beautiful At Yankee Stadium”

    obviously he’s never sat up in the cheap seats during a Yankees-Red Sox series.
    Seriously, I’ve seen some ugly, ugly fights go down up there.

  4. pyite Reply

    Barf. It’s terrible, baseball nostalgia songs are loathesome. Lest you think the Red Sox fan speaking is just playing the party lines, I think the song that Terry Cashman “created” after the Red Sox won in 2004 is enough to consider giving the championship back.

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