Picture Show: Page McConnell w/ PBS

For the second set Page was front and present and kicking ass. He pushed and led the band on a textured terrain of layered, driving psychedelic funk. Like listening to the first solo efforts by members of the Beatles, it was immediately clear how large Page’s contribution to Phish was. I sometimes dismiss him as a mere Mydland-ian colorist. Or rather dismiss colorists because they are not right up in your face. However, I was witnessing Page in all his glory, and I found myself feeling a bit more confident that a Phish reunion might not suck. The “four white guys from Vermont” should be taking notes from the playbook of legendary motherfucker George Porter Jr. on how to keep it real, because after 40 odd years in the industry, he was so real and so good.

Now, sit back and enjoy the rest of Jeremy Gordon’s photos…

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