Origins of a Song: Pancho and Lefty

“You mean that sorry old crackpot called himself a bandit, Pancho?”

“Yes, Pancho may have been a  crackpot, but he was my friend. And he could cut through the wind like a silver bullet and had reflexes like a black fly. You two never would have put him down without me tipping you off.”

“Excuse me, bendejo? We could have apprehended that  wannabe any day? Ain’t nobody tipped us off. He’s lucky we were kind enough to let him hang around as long as we did,”  the federale sternly retorts as his eyes light up.

“Oh really? So you don’t recall a little deal going down out behind Espuelas the night I left?”

“Hombre, we aren’t  the ones who scurried off to Ohio to hide with a little pouch of stolen pesos. Why don’t you enlighten us to where you got the bread for that little excursion anyway? I don’t suppose it had anything to do with robbing the ladies who worked upstairs, you pathetic little piece of basura?” the second old federale asserts, now clearly defensive.


“That’s not the story. You got it wrong ” Lefty responds angrily as he draws his six-shooter from his holster and aggressively jams it into the old federale’s upper chest.

“You didn’t have the cajones then and you don’t have ‘em now,” says the second old federale as he too draws his pistol from his side and spins it around his pointer finger before sarcastically and sarcastically pointing it at Lefty.

“Now what Lefty? There’s two of us you idiot. What do you plan to do now? Unless redemption for you is a dirt nap, you best be on your way,” the federale says unnervingly with the gun still pressed to his ribs.

Lefty just stares blankly for a tense few moments, clearly not sure about his next move.

“Why are you still here bendejo,” taunts the second federale.

Lefty slowly lowers and gun momentarily before turning in on himself and leaving the world with three last sarcastic words, “Kindness I suppose.”

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