Friday Mix Tape: Rocktober Collection

Once again it’s my turn to prepare this week’s Mix Tape and once again I don’t have a theme to tie the songs I’ve selected together. Let’s just say that each of these wonderful tunes should never leave your iPod.

Nothing pumps me up for a weekend like The Band’s Life Is A Carnival, so we’ll start with the studio version from 1971’s Cahoots. For the second tune of the mix we turn to Zero for a glorious version of Tangled Hangers from their recent Martin Fierro Tribute Concert. Next, we take things down a notch with a tear-jerking rendition of Stella Blue by Warren Haynes. From there, we wind our way into a terrific breakup song, Dave Mason’s Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave from Traffic’s Welcome to the Canteen. The mix comes to a close with MMW’s cover of Sun Ra’s The Golden Lady from May 29, 1998 and Genesis’s anthemic Turn It On Again ripped from the group’s fantastic new When In Rome DVD.

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One thought on “Friday Mix Tape: Rocktober Collection

  1. DS Reply

    Great version of “Stella Blue.” Check out Warren’s rendition of “Ship of Fools” that was played with Phil Lesh at S.O.B.’s on 4/10/07…Waterworks.

    The Weight

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