YEMblog: Joy of Victory / Agony of Defeat

Four years doesn’t seem like a huge chunk of time, but yesterday we saw exactly how much has changed since Phish last took the stage at Coventry. When members of the band’s loyal fanbase received rejection and confirmation letters from Music Today they took to message boards, blogs, twitter and facebook in ways we didn’t really imagine four years ago.

After entering a link to every blog entry and news story over at You Enjoy Myblog, I thought I’d share the four most interesting pieces about the Hampton Presale Day of Reckoning…

  • I was blown away by how quickly Phish fans flocked to Facebook with their verdicts. Brillantly, Mike Greenhaus lists each and every Phish-related Facebook status update that popped up in his feed between the hours of 7 and 11:59 PM on October 14 for The Greenhaus Effect. That’s after he does a better job of describing the technological implications of yesterday better than I did in my lede.
  • Remember when our favorite band used to fly under the radar? Not anymore my friends. An Ex-Scalper with a blog took to the ‘nets urging ticket brokers to pick up whatever tickets they can find as making a tidy profit is a sure thing. At the end of the post he acknowledges Phish fans are the most rabid anti-scalpers he’s ever come across. We should be proud, but this isn’t a good sign.
  • While I found many blog entries from phans who were denied, there were two posts from a couple of lucky motherfuckers who have contributed to HT. This site’s founder, Ace Cowboy, scored a golden ticket and is gonna have a hard time containing himself for the next five months.  Reuben at Partyin’ Peeps didn’t go into as much detail as Ace, but we’re stoked that the lovely Partyin’ Peepette came through with two ducats for each night.
  • You’ll forgive the blatant self-promotion, but once a fluffer always a fluffer. Ace and I decided to shy away from Open Threads as we felt they were kinda a cop out. Well, I had about six minutes to get a post together after Music Today sent out the emails until I needed to head to the Blender Theater for Umphrey’s. Admittedly, I took the easy way out and just started the first Open Thread in the history of HT in an attempt to see how everyone did. So far we’ve gotten 31 responses and it looks like 20% of our readers are walking on sunshine right now. That’s better than I would’ve expected.

The crazy part is that the majority of the tickets haven’t even gone on sale. Get ready to flex those Ticketmaster muscles on Saturday morning.

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8 Responses

  1. I have faith in Saturday…everyone will get tix. It’s not like Ticketmaster is a bullshit system or anything! (Good luck to all. See ya down there.)

  2. Out of the 4 person ticket hunting group I’m a part of we scored one pair for every night. Now comes the issue of dividing those up…… (hopes for some luck on Saturday to make it easier).

  3. I think far fewer than 20% got tickets. I just think that those people who got tickets are much more likely to want to post something about it.

  4. Shut out through lottery for the first time in 10+ years. I think a lot of the orders this time got completely filled, all 6, wtf is up with that? I’ll be in the building, by any means necessary.

  5. Scored for each night. I’ve made 97 shows in the past. I don’t listen to jambands/phish anymore…………will scalp these tickets for the highest price. Considering that phish wants to return and charge $50 a night. I don’t feel bad about a thing. There is way too many great artists to stay high/focused on this one band.

  6. douche,

    karmas an MFer brah..I hope you crash your car and die on the way home from your pathetic mid level management posistion.

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