Stormy Mondays: Digging In The Troves

This fall has been packed with new music from a whole wide range of bands and performers, so this Stormy Monday we’ll start to dig into the troves a bit. The opening track is from Topaz and Mudphonic’s Music for Dorothy.

For those familiar with the sax man, the terrain is nothing too different, heavy beats and a dancey vibe, although here on Lonely, as on everything on the album, the sounds are filtered through a swampy, southern lens. The Nate Wilson Group’s Unbound is a killer release, much heavier and harder rocking than anything the keyboardist ever did with AOD, but with the same clever songwriting that helped make Percy Hill such a cult favorite back in the day- and Sticks and Stones is a great song. There’s an interview with Nate here on Glide for more info on the band.

On the instrumental side, MMW’s Radiolarians 1 is the first of the seasonal albums, and their interpretation of Free Go Lily is just what we like to hear from the master groovers: grinding funk.  Jimmy Herring’s new disc, though, bucks expectations a bit, especially in light of his time with Widespread Panic.  It’s really an old school LP, with an ARU/Codetalkers feel for the first half, including guests like Ike Stubblefield, Derek Trucks and Bobby Lee Rogers, who plays on this track, One Strut.  The second half features Greg Osby, and by itself is an excellent jazz album- very interesting stuff. To close we stay in the south for the title track of JJ Grey & Mofro’s Orange Blossom, another golden ticket from Florida’s finest.  As always, enjoy!

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  1. LOVE that Topaz cd…the bass player is a good buddy of mine,but aside from that I really do love the cd aside from my personal bias

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