HT Giveaway: HeadCount & Magic Hat’s Election Eve Get Out & Vote Party

While at the moment there isn’t an official rock and roll All-Star team, the lineup that’s been put together for HeadCount’s Get Out and Vote Party on Election Eve, Monday, November 3 at the Highline Ballroom in New York City and streamed live on the Internet on, reads like a who’s/who of our favorite musicians of all-time.

HeadCount celebrates the culmination of the Magic Hat Participation program on the 3rd with performances by Joss Stone, Robert Randolph, ?uestlove of The Roots and Stanton Moore. Also appearing at this first-of-its-kind event will be some of NYC and Philadelphia’s most popular musicians: Joe Russo and Marco Benevento of The Duo, Chris Barron of The Spin Doctors, Dave Dreiwitz of Ween, Reid Genauer of Assembly of Dust, Tom Hamilton and Scott Metzger of American Babies, and Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits. Brownstein is HeadCount’s co-chair.

Only 500 tickets will be sold to the general public for this event, which will serve as a benefit for HeadCount’s nonpartisan voter mobilization efforts. Only a few $50 general admission ducats remain, so be sure to pick up your tickets ASAP. Now, as part of our Everybody Wins When I Plug Something And In Return They Offer Me Free Shit To Give Away, we’ve got one pair of tickets to this unbelievable event to give away. We know how important the privilege of voting is, but we want to make sure our readers do as well. To enter our contest leave a comment below telling us in 50 words or less what the privilege of voting means to you. Also, you must leave the name and address of your local polling place.

Tickets and more information about HeadCount and Magic Hat’s efforts can be found at Absentee ballot applications can also be accessed from that site, as HeadCount is reminding anyone attending the concert from out-of-town to fill out an absentee ballot in advance. Those not able to be in New York City or procure a ticket can enjoy the music live as it unfolds on

Let’s go over the rules for this contest:

  • To enter the contest leave a comment below telling us what the privilege of voting means to you, as well as the name and address of your local polling place
  • Your comment must be left by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday November 1
  • Don’t be greedy, only one entry per person
  • One winner will be selected randomly
  • Winner receives two tickets to HeadCount’s Get Out & Vote Party

Good luck to everyone, and don’t forget to support HeadCount.

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15 Responses

  1. Our forefathers gave their heart and soul to our country so that we can be free. Voting means so much to me and it should to every citizen.

    Old Bridge High School – Old Bridge, NJ

  2. Goddard Riverside
    593 Columbus Ave, NYC

    Voting is a momentous day, one I’ve looked forward to since I was a lil kid and would go into the booth with my folks and push the buttons and pull the levers.

    It still has that special air to it, that sense of wondrous amazement. Using your voice, casting your ballot, doing your part…because there aint no f’in way I’m goin to Iraq/Afghanistan, PHISH is coming back suckas!

  3. Voting menas that we have a voice to our concerns
    Voting means that we have an opportunity to shape the *direction of our future
    Voting means that we have ultimate control over the *policy makers
    Voting means that we do not live in a police state
    Voting means that we are not ruled by monarchy or *dictatorship
    Voting is a right for which citizens have given their *lives
    Voting is a privilege not afforded citizens of other *countries
    Voting is taken for granted too often
    A vote in this election will drastically alter the course *of Amercian politics forever
    This election is the most important one in our lifetime

  4. Voting means an opportunity to be proud of where you come from.

    Mt. Hebron School (GIRLS GYM), 173 Lorraine Ave., Montclair, NJ

  5. Voting means getting off your arse
    Voting means taking a fucking stand
    Voting means hang up the tears cause you didn’t get Phish tickets
    Voting means you have a small, tiny, minute voice in this ‘democracy’ so you might as well use it
    Voting means you don’t have to die to go to work or feed your kids
    Voting is a chance to change this
    Voting in Ohio means they might steal your vote
    Voting in general is giving the middle finger to Karl Rove and all the negative vibes he sent throughout this country for the past 8 years:

  6. It’s obviously important to have a voice and to use your vote to tell the country where you think it should be headed. More important than that is getting into the proactive voting mindset where you look to better your community and country in whatever ways you can, no matter how small. It’s about knowing at the end of the day that you did what you could to make your country a better place.

    My poll site is PS 32 in Carroll Gardens: 317 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn

  7. Voting means the ability to participate in democracy and effect positive change in government. Our country is far from perfect, but one of its most noble foundations is that citizens can express themselves at the ballot box. Voting is being an American! I’ll be doing my part @ East Midtown Plaza, 319 East 24 Street, New York NY 10010

  8. voting gives me the right to bitch cause at least i voted and tried.

    my poll site is an elementary school a couple blocks away on 21st street in astoria.

  9. Voting gives me an ownership stake in my own country.

    I absentee vote because I live in NYC, but am registered on LI. My local polling place on LI is George Jackson Elementary School

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