Monday’s Hors d’Oeuvres: Under The Bridge

It used to be tradition that each Monday following Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit concerts at Shoreline would bring fluffy reviews extolling the virtues of that weekend’s concerts and of the Youngs work for the Hillsborough school, yet that didn’t happen today. Jim Harrington of the Oakland Tribune found the event lacking a certain pizzazz, which doesn’t surprise us given this year’s lineup. Let’s hope this truly unique and worthwhile event returns to form when it comes back this time next year.

Here’s a brief look at some stories that broke over the past three days…

Finally, one of the surviving members of Led Zeppelin came clean about the group’s plan to tour sans Robert Plant. Mike Greenhaus of Relix reports that John Paul Jones addressed the rumors during a question and answer session at the Manson’s guitar show. JPJ acknowledged that he’s been practicing with Jason Bonham and Jimmy Page and that they’re very interested in doing a tour even if Robert Plant isn’t willing to sing with them. Stay tuned.

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  1. Yo Oliver, quit posting bullshit on here. It’s not 1975….nobody gives a fuck. Turn off your classic rock radio station, throw out your bullshit phish/dead tapes, and accept that umphreys mcgee is complete shit. You and that other poser Joker,must suck on each others scrotum sacks…because you both such major donkey dick!

  2. you gotta love this randy walters guy. first, he spits on Montbleau for being a great writer/singer/player and now he anonymously (again) critigues (so elequently again) on Umphrey’s. wow. Isn’t there a way to ‘thumbs down’ this comment…(not supress or edit)….just make it disappear on my screen?

  3. I’m so confused. Does Oliver even like Umphrey’s? I personally always dig when Oliver comments, so you can go fuck yourself Mr. Walters.

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