Pullin’ ‘Tubes: British Greyboy Minus Denson?

In honor of funksters The New Mastersounds return to NYC on Friday and Saturday night at Sullivan Hall, we’re going to rerun a piece HT Founder Ace Cowboy wrote about the band way back in June of 2007.

The stature of the Leeds United football club is plummeting at a level wholly unseen in the wide world of sports. Just six years ago the perennial English power reached the semifinals of the Champions League, the most prestigious club tournament on the continent of Europe; but just five weeks ago the club was relegated to the lowly third division of their own country. The fall from grace would almost be comedic if it didn’t burn so many true supporters so badly.

But not everything in and/or from Leeds is headed down the loo. Almost in the same exact time frame as the diminishing local club, the stature of the Leeds-based The New Mastersounds has been increasing. The band’s experiencing the inverse of United’s steady, then sharp, decline: And after repeated appearances at High Sierra Music Festival and other States-side dates, this four-piece funk band is finally getting some serious attention from all corners of the live music scene.

Just take one look at this seriously funky video from this year’s JamCruise, and you’re sure to understand why. November 7 and 8 at Sullivan Hall:

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7 Responses

  1. these guys are definitely sick…I was just to the left of that vid on JC…I think they had Kimock’s son sit in for a few tunes after that one.

  2. Yeah, I can’t wait to catch them live…I’ve heard incredible things about them, and I love GBA, which has such a similar-sounding funk style — that’s gonna be a fun night.

  3. WOW! Saw them last night at Mexicali’s in NJ. Incredible. I love Greyboy wholeheartedly, but you might have to start saying that GBA are the American New Mastersounds.

  4. Missed New Mastersounds for the School of Rock fest…I really really wanna catch ’em, though. Great review from my roommate, he went down there for the show.

    Levon it is.

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