Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Still Fluffin’ on Felice

We’re just about to hit the one year mark from the first time the words “Felice Brothers” appeared on this rag. Since that time nearly every member of our staff has fallen in love with the rustic charm that exudes from the music of the three Felice bros and their friends Farley and Christmas. The Catskill-based band continues to make waves thanks to their high-energy performances that continue to feel intimate no matter how big they get.

As we enter 2009 it will be interesting to see how the boys’ long weeks and months on the road away from their Upstate homes influence their music. Recently, the quintet unveiled a new tune about a location that should be familiar to all New Yorkers: Penn Station. This fun romp picks up right where the gents left off with their first batch of songs that include Frankie’s Gun, Ruby Mae and Whiskey (In My Whiskey). Judging by the crowd in this video of the tune filmed on Sunday night at the Spiegelworld, this is yet another Felice tune that gets the audience grinning, stomping and most importantly – involved in the music. Let’s take a look…

Further Viewing From Felice @ Spiegelworld:

Further Reading on the Felice Brothers:

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  1. Great tune. That show was a lot of fun. Fifth time seeing them this year and every time I’ve left grinning ear to ear.

    From what I remember they said they’ll have a new album coming out early next year – I think March.

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