UT: Indie Is – Having a Crappy Job

But then you think about the embarrassment of a demotion from a bean counter to an actual bean grinder, and that dreaded day when one of your friends comes in and sees you in a cute green apron and Starbucks cap. Well I’m here to tell you, taking a retail/service job to stay afloat during this scary financial crisis is totally alright, even if it means wearing a stupid hat and pretending to like people. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to survive.

It’s like my grandpa always used to say “Your grandma’s a total bitch, but I put up with her because a divorce is too expensive and messy.” Now don’t go thinking that working at a Pep Boys or a Lumber Liquidators will do anything to hurt your indie cred; in fact, having a crappy job is one of the most indie things you can do. Don’t believe me?

Fully nude GRAMMAR SCHOOL model – Indie Cred – 7

Fully clothed Disney figurine Telemarketer – Indie Cred – 6

Ice cream hawking cow mascot – Indie Cred – 10

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