10th Anniversary of a Classic One-Timer

In 1998 Vermont rockers Phish decided to work a random cover from a wide range of artists into most of their concerts. This created a win-win situation for all involved. The band got to keep things interesting by learning and performing some of their favorite songs in the practice room, while the fans were kept on their toes never knowing what was coming next.

Ten years ago this evening in Cincinnati, the quartet debuted their version of So Lonely by The Police and it still brings a huge smile to my face every time I hear it. It’s not surprising the Phab Phour rocked one of Sting’s most improv-laden songs. While the members of Phish were attending high school and college The Police was the biggest band in the world.

Phish’s version of So Lonely isn’t perfect, as was the case with many of the one-time only covers the band debuted that year. But they nail the essence of the song. It’s awesome to hear Page sing at such a high pitch and with so much raw energy behind him. Trey does a great job with the solo combining a little of his own style with Andy Summers’ signature licks. The urgency with which Trey and Page sing the So Lonely refrain makes me think they were really feeling this tune and couldn’t wait for the long tour to finish.

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  1. and to think, less than 2 years later trey would be jammin’ with stew. good stuff. “so lonely” was always one of my favorite police songs, likely because the boys covered it this night

  2. thanks for reminding me of this night Scotty….can’t believe it’s been 10 years. This show was a pretty average show on paper if I recall, but the energy in the Crown that night was off the charts. I always thought this was one of the most underrated shows that I attended.

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