Briefly: Renovated Beacon Opening Soon

Some Dude just shot me over an e-mail with the first announcement we’ve seen for a concert at the newly renovated Beacon Theatre. 3 Girls and Their Buddy (Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller) goes down on February 20, while legendary guitarists Buddy Guy and B.B. King return to the Beacon on February 21. No word yet on dates for the Allman Brothers Band 40th Anniversary run in March, but perhaps Gregg will spill the beans at the Billboard Touring Conference on Thursday.

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  1. All we have gotten is a tease:

    This week’s edition of Billboard has an article about the live legends, and buried deep at the end is a quote from Gregg:
    Asked what to expect from next year’s 40th anniversary tour and March run at the Beacon Theater, Gregg says:

    I’d love to tell you what we have planned, but it’s just kick ass, that’s all I can tell you. We’re going to pitch a wang dang doodle all night long.

  2. Will they invite Betts back for a week? Gregg dropped more hints back in August:

    The Allman Brothers Band is planning to use next year’s engagement at New York’s Beacon Theatre as the focal point for the group’s 40th anniversary celebration.

    “We’re planning a big one, man, a real big one,” Gregg Allman tells “We’re trying to get all the people we know that we’ve played with to come and sit in and play. We’ve got confirmation on a bunch of ’em now … You’re gonna ask me who that is, right?”

    Well, yeah…

    “No, no, I can’t tell you all the secrets,” Allman says with a laugh. “Just think about all the people we’ve played with. We’re shooting to get all of them. Of course, people are on tour, but not usually so much in March as they would be, say, in August.”

  3. Dan & Dave Toler, Johnny Neel, Chuck Leavell, Zack Wylde, Jimmy Herring…..Don Johnson (Bougainvillea), Cher…oh the endless possibilities.

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