Bust Outs: Tribute To The Phish

moe.: Yodelittle – 2/16/03 & Moth – 08/14/04

Moe. Phish

Next, we’ll keep things moving with two notable nods from moe.  They don’t explicitly cover Phish in either of these standards, but rather both have long jams with distinct Phish themes throughout. The Yodelittle includes Bathtub Gin teases and leads into a really rad ambient jam (there’s also another tease that I cannot place for the life of me after the Gin teases at the 4:30 mark). The Moth jam taunts Chalkdust throughout blatantly playing the main riff, but shifting the chords around slightly leaving a yearning for the resolve. Finally, towards the end of the improvisation they close down with a satisfying variation on Trey’s finale riff (11:00).

Phix: Mike’s Groove – 3/20/04

Phix Phish

March 20th of 2004 likely represents a date that the boys from the longstanding Phish doppelgangers, Phix, will be talking about for the rest of their lives. Can you imagine anything cooler as a Phish cover band than playing a steaming Mike’s Groove with none other than Mike Gordon looking on? Check out the intro to Weekapaug and you will hear some familiar Cactus-esque thunder.

If you poke around through the annals of Phix, it is clear that not all Phish phans took so to kindly to their efforts. So, it really makes you realize that Mike actually is a nice guy, dropping in at the Lion‘s Den and watching Phix rock out a Mike’s Groove. And make no mistake about it, Phix rose to the occasion. Check out the Divided Sky tease in place of Hydrogen on the way out of Mike’s or the flip of the light switch at the 6:15 mark of Weekapaug for proof.

Mr. Blotto: Harry Hood – 7/28/06

E: Harry Hood* – Mr Blotto

By now, you all know what Mr. Blotto is about when it comes to covers. This Blottopia VII closing rendition of Harry Hood is just like the rest of the Blotto covers we’ve highlighted around these parts over the past year or so: sick like your mom at a wedding. Lead guitar player Mark Hague really has an uncanny ability or emulating other guitar players and his Trey impersonation is spot on right here.

Give Us the Money Lebowski: Birds of a Feather – 5/10/08

Cheers to GUTML for taking a swing at the not-always-so-popular Birds of a Feather and knocking the cover off of it. I really dig how they kicked off the towering lead guitar-led jam (by a certain Hidden Track native) with a really crafty impromptu melody, starting at around 5:15. Not only does this entire Birds of a Feather just wail, but I’m realizing that the original Lebowski number, Crispy Frickin’ Chicken, is currently my new favorite song.

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  1. Please note that Mike Gordon did NOT play with PHIX. He was only in attendance. *Mike Gordon showed up during Mike’s Song, and stayed until the end of You Enjoy Myself. I was there and sat next to him, so I know 🙂

  2. Another great Phish tease from moe. was on 11/4/98, Somerville Theatre where they teased Antelope in Spine of a Dog, complete with “run run run…”.

  3. I can’t believe Phix’s guitar player is actually playing the riff in Milke’s song incorrectly. Like, blatantly playing the wrong notes to the intro…listen closely to the ascending notes. I mean, c’mon. It’s a simple riff. It’s an iconic song to Phish fans. Get it right.

    F minus

  4. in the beginning of that piece, marco’s also playing the melody from “you must be a lion” wow, crazy effin’ good!

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