Quiz: Test Your Gamehenge Knowledge

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12 thoughts on “Quiz: Test Your Gamehenge Knowledge

  1. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Here’s my question – Is it Gamehenge or Gamehendge? I always thought it was Gamehenge, but apparently the rocket scientists at Wikipedia say Gamehendge. We went with both to hedge our bets.

  2. Hadley66 Reply

    125% of players answered correctly.”

    I feel very insignificant right now.

    PS – Great idea, and I’ll always consider it “Gamehenge.”

  3. Rupert Reply

    I always thought it was gamehenge too, but I kept seeing gamehendge all around. The Ranger shirt says it with the “d” too.

  4. byrnesy Reply


  5. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    I wish these questions had been on the GMAT.

  6. chunk Reply

    I expected to rock this quiz and I think I got ONE correct….just awful!

  7. andrew Reply

    100 days!!!

  8. lib4 Reply

    My old ass forgot half the damn answers…rewind to circa 1995 and I would have been able to recite Gamehendge chapter and verse.

  9. jozzer Reply

    I agree with lib4, there was much partying between then & now, things are a little foggy.

  10. jr Reply

    800… not too shabby.

  11. pauly Reply

    1 wrong myself

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