Christmas w/ Brushfire: G. Love

JS: Who personifies Scrooge the most in the world today?

GL: George Bush and any other backwards-ass people who want to stop environmental and scientific progress like stem cell research, globalization, green energy, and advancements in education

JS: Which one of Santa’s reindeer is your favorite?

GL: I guess Rudolph because I love the song, but I do like the names Prancer and Vixen

JS: What are your family traditions for the holidays?

GL: Our biggest tradition is to sing carols on Christmas and Christmas Eve, and also lighting candles for silent night!

JS: What was the best Christmas gift you ever received?

GL: When my pop put up a b ball hoop in the basement…or when we got a big box with a dog collar, a dog bed, and a note from a little chocolate Lab named Katie telling us to pick her up in a week.

JS: What was the best Christmas gift you ever gave?

GL: A one of a kind rare bobble head set of T.O., Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook-the stars of the Philadelphia Eagles, to my manager Jason Brown

JS: What are some of your fondest Christmas memories?

GL: Singing carols with my Uncle Bob, sliding down the stairs at the crack of dawn with my sis to look at the tree, and watching my kid open presents every year

JS: What is your favorite Christmas song of all time?

GL: We have a round we sing called, Christmas is Coming. Sometimes we even sing it in key too! When you get the whole family (most of who can’t sing too well) to really come together and sound good, it’s a majestic feat. It usually only lasts a bit and I savor the flavor.

JS: What is your favorite Christmas cocktail?

GL: I used to like that eggnog, but now it’s all about kicking back with Johnny Walker Blue. The good stuff comes out on the holidays.

JS: Has Christmas become too materialistic?

GL: I think the spirit of Christmas will always exist as long as there are children. Christmas will always be materialistic, and in my mind there’s nothing wrong with giving and receiving. It’s all for the kids. If you don’t like to give gifts you could give donations to charities and environmental organizations in the recipients name. Remember to sing carols! You’ll definitely feel the Christmas vibe.

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