Interview: Jimmy of The Subdudes

SB: When were these shows recorded?

JM: We recorded the ‘live in front of an audience’ stuff on April 28th & 29th, 2008, and the unplugged stuff and the interviews on April 30th…

SB: Did you create the evening’s setlists with the DVD in mind?

JM: Well, yeah, kind of. We just did what we thought would sound good, but basically we do that every night!

SB: When and why did you decide to create two different films?

JM: We knew we were recording the shows at the Ram’s Head, of course, and the unplugged section just kind of came up on the day we were recording the interviews. We thought we may as well sit in some comfy chairs and play and get that ‘on tape’ as well since there were cameras already set up. Plus, we wanted to give people a little glimpse of how we play when we’re writing…completely unplugged, just sittin’ around in a room…

SB: Were there many songs recorded that didn’t make the cut?

JM: A few. Some had technical glitches, some we repeated during the two nights, so we’d just pick the better one…and, the ‘Live at Ram’s Head’ CD (not DVD) contains two extra songs that don’t appear on the DVD …’Next To Me’ and “It’s So Hard’.

SB: Have you heard any feedback from your fans about this release yet?

JM: Quite a bit actually. There has been a lot of traffic on the ‘forum’ on our website (www, from fans just raving about it. I guess we did good…

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  1. Jimmy is a great guy, as are all the ‘Dudes. Very approachable. I met them all after a show in Pittsburgh in October 2008. It was one of the first shows of the “Subdued” tour and they were genuinely concerned about how the set sounded. They needn’t have worried.

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