Briefly: Phish to Headline Bonnaroo

As we speculated two weeks ago, Rolling Stone’s sources tell the mag that Phish will headline two nights of Bonnaroo 2009 with Bruce Springsteen set to close the festival on Sunday night. What remains to be seen is whether the soon-to-be-reunited Dead join in on the fun. We can’t wait to see what Pitchfork and Stereogum would say about Phish and the Dead appearing at the ‘Roo. There goes the festie’s hipster cred.

Would two nights of the Phish get you to make the trip to Manchester on June 11-14? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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28 thoughts on “Briefly: Phish to Headline Bonnaroo

  1. Oliver Reply

    Don’t call it a comeback

  2. B EASY Reply

    i would rather not.

  3. Pauly Reply

    See you boys in Manchester.

  4. ned Reply

    if i did not have 4 kids, id be there for phish and bruce!

    we used to play a game called “see if you can tell what this music sounds like based on the pitchfork rev”
    twas a difficult game.

  5. grapesofwrath75 Reply

    Sounds perfect. I don’t think my wife would understand as we’re expecting a baby exactly then.

  6. zappafrank Reply


  7. the joker Reply

    only way i would do it is in an RV. im getting too old to camp in a tent next to my car in 90 degree weather.

    If the McLovins get a late night slot at bonnaroo…im there for sure!

  8. Justin Reply

    Epic. confirmed.

  9. Jennifer Kirk Reply

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The question arises: Phish can pull off that many people without other acts, but it takes a lot of work. I think the organization has to weigh the cost/benefit ratio. Would they make more money doing their own festival or be better off just getting paid a bunch of money to do a two night stand at a festival that copied all of their ideas? Things that make you go hmmmmm….but to answer your question – I live 30 minutes away, so probably…

  10. Alex Reply


  11. christian Reply

    Although I’m all for them doing things a bit different this time around, the selfish in me would rather they just do their own festival in Limestone again 🙂

  12. Lucas Reply


  13. Ben Reply

    One of the things that struck me about the first Bonnaroo, which was the largest non-Phish festival I’d ever attended, was how much corporate commercial presence there was. Yuck. The Phish festivals, by stark contrast, were unsullied by the corporate biggies.

    The vibe at B’roo was so different than at a Phish festival, too. The more I think about it, the harder it is to imagine…unless the band just wants to hand over the logistics of such a big concert event to someone else. (After Coventry, you might see why they’d want to.)

  14. JR Reply

    I could see the band doing it just as a way to get out there without creating more of the big organization that eventually weighed them down.

    Wasn’t Roo a lot like the Phish fests since Dionysian was involved?

  15. fluffdead Reply

    Yes, 100% there

  16. Stanley Hindustan Reply

    If this ends up being true that is SUPER BEAT. I’d like to hope that the Phish organization isn’t that dumb.

  17. Jon Harris Reply

    phish is in it for the monye guys just like everyone else
    just boooked RV

  18. the toecutter Reply

    2 nights of Phish will tget me to call in an airstrike on Manchester.

  19. BTreotch Reply

    I dunno.. There’s something to be said about the exclusivity of a Phish fest, but why not have some appetizers..

  20. matt Reply

    That would be great. Maybe Bonnaroo could be a good festival again.Lets end that indie cred.

  21. will Reply

    two nights of phish and bruce on sunday someone please tell me this isnt true., sounds like a middle life crisis for bonnaroo cause the only people that will be happy for this are those that are 40 or around that age… give me some ARCADE FIRE AND MY MORNING JACKET….. New music that everyone can enjoy…. THANK YOU… also i will take one night of phish and one night of the dead with bruce closing but two nights of phish is to much..

  22. di Reply

    Yeah, probably….. somewhat disappointing, though

  23. Rocky Top Reply

    Even if Phish did it for me (which they don’t) I would still think it’s a bad idea. Bonnaroo is a festival featuring different acts…not a Phish festival featuring other bands too! Give them one night and get another headliner for the other.

    Oh, and Bruuuuuuuuuce will be odd to see at Bonnaroo. I love the guy and will see him anytime I can, but that scene doesn’t seem to fit him too well. Just my 2 cents.

  24. trey Reply

    phuck tha police!

  25. _goff. Reply

    o.k., so Phish, The Boss, and ……

    how badass would it be for Brian Eno / David Byrne?

    and a possible superjam w/ all of ’em????

  26. Russ Reply

    “but two nights of phish is to much.”


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